Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Tiles and Tools For A Bathroom Remodel


Having a beautiful bathroom requires creativity and a little bit of art. One significant way to achieve this is to install tiles in your bathroom. Tiles, when creatively installed, will make the beauty of your bathroom pop out. However, properly installing tiles will require that you get the right tools for your artwork.

Some of the tools you need include tile cutters (both manual and electric) for cutting tiles, drill bits for making holes in tiles, mixers for mixing cement and adhesives, and tile trowels for installing the tiles, to mention a few.

If you’re not sure how to choose the perfect tiles and tools, here are some general tips to guide you when doing a bathroom remodel.

1. Three is the Number

Before you go ahead to select tile types, shapes, sizes, and patterns you want, you have to understand that you cannot use more than three different types and designs of tiles in your bathroom. Even if you are going for modern 3D wall tiles.

Using more can create a cluttered look, which is most likely not the look you were aiming for when you started remodeling. The three types will cover for the floor pattern, the wall pattern, and the accent pattern that will be used as a focal point.

So, when making your choice, take your time to decide which patterns will go together. Making this decision is one of the most crucial parts of your remodeling. And if you get it wrong, every other effort may look like a waste of time.

2. Selectively Arrange Your Choice

The truth is that when you began dreaming of remodeling your bathroom, you had a picture in mind of what the outcome should be.

It is smart of you to arrange your tile preferences and tools in the order of your dreamed result.

Start with the tiles you love the most and not with the one you choose to complement. Arrange everything you have to your taste before you get to work. This will help you to focus your work to express your dream.

3. Avoid Contrasting Colors and Patterns

Before you start your remodeling, it is natural to imagine what you want. However, these imaginations have a way of making you go for colorful, fanciful tiles, which is understandable. Nonetheless, when picking out your colors, you have to be careful not to pick out colors that do not complement each other.

Don’t pick colors and patterns that clash with each other. If not, your remodeling can look ridiculous when you are done. What you need to do is to go for colors in the same family (maybe all brown), and then let them be of different patterns. This will spice up your work and give it a sophisticated look than when you mix three different colors. If you don’t know much about picking the perfect tile color for your project, you don’t have to worry. You can find out and buy the best bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor tiles online.

Light colors are the popular tile colors for most bathrooms now. You may also try out white and off white tones; they will give you the feeling that your bathroom is more spacious.

tiler laying floor tiles

4. Choose Appropriate Scale and Tools

Tiles come in different scales, from the small sizes to medium size s, to Large scale size. The best fitting and most popularly used tiles are large-scale tiles. To properly install large-scales tiles, you will need the best tile leveling systems.

Using a large-scale size has two advantages. First, you will use lesser tiles as large-scale tiles with a size range of 12 x 24 covers a larger square meter than small scale tiles of 6 x 6.

You can also use your tools (tile cutter) to cut a large-scale tile into 2 x 2s to make floor designs.

Besides, diagonal tiles are getting more popular, and you can consider it if you have a small bathroom. Scaling your tiles in a diagonal pattern will give the illusion that your bathroom is larger than it is.

When choosing your tools, you need to consider three things, which are safety, functionality, and comfort. Your safety is paramount while remodeling; you need to able to enjoy your bathroom once you finish. So, always keep safety in mind when getting your tools.

Another thing to consider is to buy tools that are highly functional for your remodeling project. Depending on the type and size of the project, you may not need some tools, and obtaining them will only lead to a waste of resources.

So, before you start, research on the kind of appliances you need for your bathroom remodeling projects, make a list, and avoid buying unnecessary tools.

It will also be helpful if the tools you get are easy to use; that way, you can easily maneuver your bathroom remodeling project without requiring professional help.

5. Think Maintenance

You have to remember as you proceed with your bathroom remodeling that tiles are not self-cleaning! So, when getting your tiles and tools together, think of making something you can easily maintain. Doing this will determine the type of colors of tiles you select for use, the pattern, and even the kind of tools you use to install them.

For instance, the perfect tiles for wet areas would be tiles made of either porcelain or ceramics.

Tiles made of this require almost no maintenance, unlike tiles made of natural stones because of the many dirt they hold up due to their porosity.

6. Avoid Slippery Tiles

Most people are fascinated with the beauty of polished bathroom tiles without considering the potential dangers of using such tiles.

Glass tiles in the bathroom may be ideal for walls but never for the floor of your bathroom as they are very slippery and often cause accidents when in use. So, for your safety, it is better to avoid glass tiles.


Remodeling your bathroom is a huge step. It is something you should look forward to doing. Just make sure that you get the right tools needed and follow the tips above as you get to work on the remodeling. See it as an artwork and begin your art design. Let your dream of a beautiful bathroom come to life!

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