Top Signs You Need a New Roof Installation

Your roof doesn’t come to mind often, at least not until there’s a leak and you need to worry about roof repair. It’s best to give your roof the attention it deserves before you have to deal with water pouring through the ceiling.

Look Inside

If you suspect that you need a new roof installation, your first look when doing a roof inspection is not on top of your home, it’s in the attic. Pick up a flashlight and climb a ladder to check under the eaves. Check for light streaming through the top of your home, as well as dark stains and streaks. These are signs of a leaking roof.

Check Your Documents

Go over your home improvement history to determine the last time the home had a roof installation or reshingling. This will give you an idea of how much life is left on your existing roof.

Examine the Shingles

Make sure your roof is in good shape, especially after a serious storm. You should see your shingles laying flat on the roof, but if you find areas that are cracked, damaged, or even missing, you need roof repair.


You will find flashing around your vents, skylights, and chimney, which seals the seams to keep water from getting into your roof. Ensure these points are secure with no cracks or breakage that may end up with a leak.

Rot is Not Your Friend

If your roof is sagging, call your roofing company for a roof replacement before major damage occurs. Look for possible trapped moisture, rotting roofing boards, or sags.

You Don’t Want Greenery

Moss has its place in your yard, but if you find it on your roof, it’s a problem. It often indicates trapped moisture and that can destroy your roof. Take a stiff brush into the shady corners of your roof to remove moss if you find any.

Stay Calm

While you may have some roof damage or a minor leak, it’s not necessarily the case that you need a whole new roof installation. A properly installed roof that is less than 15 to 20 years old may only require a focused roof repair rather than a replacement.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t delay. Have a professional team come out and inspect your home right away so they can determine what needs replacing and how long it might take them to complete the job for you.