Top mid-century modern bedroom design ideas

Mid Century Modern style is a concept of design houses and is a popular choice. The bedroom is an essential part of the house, whereby you begin your day and finish your day. Mid-century modern design is quite popular these days and is suitable for smaller spaces, helping the room look more clean and inventive.

What is Mid-Century Modern Style?

Mid-Century Modern Style is a decorating pattern that was in demand in the 1950s and 1960s. It features lots of wooden details, plain lines, muted palette, a something where design-meets-function. It is well-known for its modernity as well as simplicity, accessibility, and functionality. Having a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom is straightforward but tricky at the same time. So you may need help for color combination, type of bed and how to decorate your living room.

Below are some inspiring ideas of the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom:

1. Pastel Mid-Century Bedroom 

Though pastel colors are not much used in the mid-century style, you can add a twist in it. It gives a cozy feel to the bedroom. Pastel colors are soothing in nature and provide a pleasant feeling.

2. Tapered legs furniture 

Tapered leg furniture is the signature style of Mid-century modern bedroom. The sleek effect gives the feeling that the furniture is floating. This style is majorly suitable for small space rooms, which help the place to look big and open.

3. Natural wood

Natural wood is considered as the core of Mid-century modern interior style. It gives the room a lovely vintage vibe. Wood is a fantastic material for creating an atmosphere that is perfect for sleeping or just relaxing after a hard day. When used well, wood can help craft a space that is calming, serene, and filled with natural charm.

4. Geometric forms

Curved lines, rounded shapes, and forms were other attributes of Mid-Century trendy style. These days designers are attracted to unique forms and figures creating a different impact in the bedroom. Things as small as star wars coasters can have an impact on your interiors of the room.

5. Combination of Modern & Contemporary

Modern designs are unique and have set a trend since the 1920’s. The designs got updated during the 1950’s and 1960’s. The term contemporary directs the popular decorating styles which is favored by many. A combination of modern and contemporary is very attractive and would be perfect for a bedroom design.

6. Mix & Match

No one is interested in having a matching wardrobe with that of bed. It’s a mix & match time. Designers use lots of different materials like fabrics, metals, wood & even leather to make the bedroom more attractive.

7. Retro look

Are you a fan of retro? Design your bedroom with a hint of retro designs. You can look for contemporary pieces with an edge of Mid-Century design. For example: Glamorous chandelier, or an armchair to create a retro vibe.

8. Bold Accent Wall

The colors on the wall give an altogether different look to the room. Colors of the walls speak a lot about the personality of the person. Having one wall with bold colors and some designs creates a significant impact on the room.

9. Industrial – inspired

Mixing two things like a luxurious bed & carpet along with brick walls and iron rod glass panes will give a chic industrial view to the bedroom.

10. Natural Elements

Placing standing plants with real clay vases and some decoration of windows and lamps of the 1950s are great looks for natural elements.

11. Ethnic Rug

A rug can change the appearance of any room. To design your bedroom in a modern yet ethnic way you can use a classy and subtle rug and a soft blanket on your bed. It’s a decent natural statement for you to relinquish the bit of freckled ethnic floor cover in the mid-century modern bedroom trend.

12. Primary colors

Mid-century designers prefer earthy tones with primary shades. These colors can be used either on pillows or wall arts. To bring Mid-Century Modern bedroom ideas to life, you must experiment with colors. Choose shades depending on the theme of the room, like if you wish to have a proper Mid-century bedroom then you can try and ignore pastels or jewel tones instead of pop colors.

13. Having a private space

If you have a full bedroom with ample space, you can build a half wall and create your own private space. It can be part of your private closet or just an overall part of your bedroom.

14. Airy space

Enjoy the wonders of an open plan bedroom, and don’t make the mistake of over-cluttering it. If you have some space, then create a sitting space where you can work or overall relax or read a book.

15. Modern Nightstand

Nightstand can actually enhance any corner of your bedroom, and is easily available at reasonable prices. It is a unique idea and can do wonders to your bedroom.

16. Try a Chaise Lounge in Your Bedroom

A trendy chaise lounge on the side of the bed adds a significant impact in this mid-century modern bedroom. One can relax on it, enjoy the soothing music, or enjoy reading a novel.

17. Platform beds

Platform beds became very popular in the mid-century. It’s also referred to as a cabin bed, with its base elevated, leveled, horizontal and rectangular in shape. Sometimes it does have flexible wooden strips, interlaced establishments to support the mattress.

18. Hairpin legs furniture

Henry P. Glass invented hairpin leg furniture. The first pin leg could be a classic style that has returned to earn its place in history. Hairpin legs are tough and provide a decorative line and stable support. They are made of lightweight steel rods which are really strong and can sustain heavy weight.

19. Combination of white and natural wood

Simple, neutral color could be a standard palette in mid-century style. It provides a stunning and serene look to the bedroom beside the natural wood combination.

20. Bookcases in the bedroom

If you are fond of reading, then this is the best thing that can happen in the bedroom, an entire wall of built-in bookcases with a mid-century armchair is the perfect spot to make the most of your time and enjoy your favorite book.

21. Feminine look

To create a feminine look of your bedroom you can use off-white furniture, charcoal tone walls offering a subtle yet modern look.

22. Fun with colors

If pop colors suit your personality, then you can use them for your bedroom. Add some earthy furniture to balance it out. Tip: Stick vibrant posters on the wall of your favorite pop star or of some old movie you like.

23. Bollywood style bedroom

A Bollywood lover can put in lots of Bollywood stuff in the bedroom like pictures of celebrities, and a wall painted with a famous or renowned face or autograph of one personality he/she likes.

24. Film set room

One can decorate the room if it is a film set by keeping cameras, spotlights, boards for takes, etc.

25. Game lover

The person who is an expert in board games can create his room with paints on walls or pictures of board games he/she likes.

26. Travel Lover

The room of the travel lover can be done right with maps of the famous or favorite places you have been to or want to go. Also, add up a wall wherein you can place all souvenirs you must have bought during your travel.

No matter what fashion or style you wish to possess for your house decoration, it continuously matters for you to enjoy every detail and theme of every corner in your house. That’s why we want each room with different concepts like mid-century modern bedroom designs and also consider the demands of our family. For sure, decoration, furniture, layout, color, and things connected are progressing to have bound effects and values for you.