Top Hidden Similarities and differences About Orbi and velop

If you are wondering which is best between Orbi and Velop, you should continue reading. Having a slow internet can mess you up especially when you are using it for work. That is why you need to invest in a wifi mesh system.

A wifi mesh is an excellent choice since it covers wider areas in your home. You can access the internet at any point in your house. Mesh wifi system allows you to extend your signal by using the additional wifi nodes on the home. Setting up the wifi system is very easy and you do not have to rewire the house. Here is a look at the differences and similarities between Velop and Orbi.


Smart home integration

You can integrate the wifi systems in Alexa. Orbi has a basic integration through Google’s assistant. You can get your guest network password on Alexa. You can even choose to switch off the guest network or off on both devices.

Device prioritization

Device prioritization is one of the similarities between Velop and Orbi. It is vital to have device prioritization since it ensures you get more signal on the priority devices. The feature allows you to change the settings and put some devices as a priority to ensure they have a good internet connection. The software allocates signal strength for the devices on your priority list. Both wifi systems have the feature but Velop offers you a better experience. You can easily set up the system and add three devices.

Guest access

The two also have guest access. With guest access, you can easily have a separate network for your guests to ensure your primary network does not become overloaded. The guest access ensures that your guests do not get access to your password. There is also a parental control to ensure you monitor how your kids use the internet.


The beamforming feature is another thing the wifi systems share in common. It is a technology that scans your house and the devices that are connected to the wifi have more signals. It ensures that the wifi signals are not just broadcast randomly.


The other feature that Velop and orbi have in common is the mu-mimo. The mu-Mimo is a feature that is a wireless communication technology enabling your router to communicate with several devices all at once. With this technology, it becomes a lot easier to boost your network. The features work by reducing wait times for the signal reception.



One of the differences between Orbi vs Velop is concerning performance.

The Velop is a tri-band router and is capable of performing in dual-band systems. Orbi is a wifi system and has satellite communication.


Connectivity is one of the crucial factors to look for when choosing a wifi system. Velop has two ethernet ports; for WAN and LAN. Orbi allows you to connect to an external device using its USB port.

Getting the best wifi connection for your home does not have to be complicated. Comparing a few things between Orbi vs Velop will help you make the right decision.