Top Grammar Checkers Every Content Marketer Needs

Are you a content marketer seeking to rule the online sphere using the pen? If you are, you’re privileged to stand on an advantageous pedestal of people’s influencer. Can you remember one clever man once saying that the pen is mightier than the gun? The man was right because governments don’t influence people’s minds with their laws. In fact, people only comply with state regulations to avoid trouble with the law.

However, what people read influences them to voluntary daily actions and decisions. For example, it shapes what they buy and why they buy it. Therefore, a content marketer is in an advantageous position to influence people’s minds positively. 

But it’s beneficial to mind one thing: your language matters. Thus, mind your language if you wish to see your content transforming people’s lives. Minding your language means paying attention to your grammar because shoddily written articles can betray your marketing efforts.

To help you achieve this goal, WriteEssayForMe writing specialists composed a list of apps for polishing your grammar. We hope that eventually, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable program to support your writing needs.

After the Deadline

This app is suitable for saving you common and embarrassing grammatical mistakes. The free app helps writers fix their mistakes and shows how they erred within specific contexts. It’s also beneficial for improving your sentence construction. The program offers styling recommendations as well.

The editing app works well with WordPress because you can use it as a plugin. It also explains why it flags out your content as errors. Lastly, its web-based nature lets you use it on any platform as an application. 

Ginger Online 

This app is beneficial for ensuring grammatical and spelling correctness. You can use it to write faster and more efficiently. The program also features a dictionary to enrich your vocabulary. The editor is suitable for rephrasing sections you drafted awkwardly. Besides, it translates your posts into over 50 languages. Remember, the tool features a trainer that lets you advance your language proficiency. 

It’s installable to different web browsers, but you may also download it as an app for any operating system. Ginger Online is optimized for use on mobile gadgets across various technological platforms.

It can also proofread your content as you type, using its premium or free edition.


Assignment Partner staff evaluate WhiteSmoke as the most cost-effective grammar-checking tool on the market. Its premium version can be integrated into your Gmail and all desktop platforms. It has special tools for detecting and correcting grammatical mistakes. The checker uses videos and tutorials to explain your mistakes and let you understand why you were wrong.

You also benefit from its many built-in templates for drafting letters and other essential documents correctly. It includes a checker enhancing your writing style by making valuable recommendations. You may also use its tutorials to master grammatical laws and eliminate your grammar flaws. 

The software has premium and freemium versions. However, its free edition may not help you much unless you intend to use it for checking shorter messages for Twitter posting. It only lets you edit up to 250 characters per session.

Proofread Bot

Proofread Bot is another app for proofreading your writings quickly. You may transfer the typed content into the software or type into it directly. It gives you real-time reports on your grammar and spelling bugs, showing your writings’ readability score.

Word Counter

This program is excellent in detecting and flagging spelling mistakes in your articles. It shows you the word count of your text as you write. You only need to copy and paste your written text into the software to polish your writing.


You may utilize this solution for checking and improving your writings grammatically. The app allows access to many grammar guidelines that ensure your writings are perfect. Consequently, you can improve the content and form to get your idea across to the target audience. 


This program polishes and enhances your drafting expertise. It has writing tutorials to help you perfect your grammar skills.

Cite It In

Citations or references are an excellent way of making your writings sound authoritative and credible. However, the process of referencing sources can be challenging, particularly if your blogging platform does not format your writing as per your wishes. Fortunately, you may utilize the Cite It In app to give your citations and references a professional look free of charge. 


Grammarly is among the leading grammar tools writers can use to polish their works. It is useful in detecting and correcting grammatical and spelling errors. The app also assists you with styling recommendations to make your writings flow better. It provides rephrasing suggestions for awkwardly drafted phrases.

The grammar solution can also be used to detect online plagiarism. However, it doesn’t detect plagiarized work that isn’t published online.

You can use Grammarly in its premium or freemium edition. Its free version is limited because it doesn’t offer comprehensive suggestions or reports. It also doesn’t support plagiarism checking.


Hemingway is another popular grammar app for every blogger and writer seeking to perfect their writing. It highlights complicated renderings and suggests ways of making them more readable by your audience. For instance, the program recommends the removal of excessive passive renderings. 

The tool is also beneficial when you want to find out the ease of reading your writings. You can use its valuable readability insights to change your content’s structure and enable your readers to interact with it easily.

You may use the app on your PC and Macintosh. The application allows for the exportation of edited feedback.


This solution is one of the best on the market. Any blogger and content creator who values quality writing should consider it. The app also helps writers to edit their content for styling accuracy. Moreover, this editing tool works across all desktop platforms and is suitable for detecting and removing grammatical errors. 

Do you have challenges choosing your words while writing? If so, ProWritingAid solves that by making valuable word selection suggestions. Besides, it offers a comprehensive report of your writing to help you advance them. It provides you with valuable recommendations for your styling and vocabulary enrichment necessary for writing excellent content.

The tool works well with different online and offline desktop/mobile platforms. Thus, your ability to benefit from this app isn’t limited to Word. It also explains why it flags writing mistakes and suggests ways to fix them. Moreover, you may optimize training videos, quizzes, and posts to boost your writing expertise.

Grammar Really Matters 

Grammar plays a significant role in your impact and message delivery. SharpEssay specialists always stress that it can either make or break your post. For example, it can betray its purpose by denying your readers an opportunity to hear what you intended to say and vice versa. Fortunately, you can bid grammatical bugs farewell using any of the editing tools we covered here. Take a closer look at each of them to find your perfect grammar companion.