Top Five Bathroom Tiles Ideas for 2021


Man’s favourite thinking spot, where he cleanses his body and his mind, is the bathroom. It is an essential part of any household. Not only to get the job done by its name but more. Most of the most fantastic ideas in the world came from sitting in the bathroom. And it’s true. So how can we make this place more comforting to us than it already is? Let’s find out.

In modern cities, there is hardly any house without a bathroom. It cannot be argued how important it is regarding the rest of the house. It was once a taboo thing to hide away from the sights of any guests. Bathrooms are now a thing to exhibit, to perceive the excellence of a person. Your very own space to think, prepare and focus. And that is why it requires a lot of thinking and consideration for perfect decor. What pleases the mind, calms the soul, energises the body, all of these are to be considered. So here are the top few bathroom tiles ideas of 2021 by the interior designers.

Tiles with colour patterns

If you are attracted to exuberance and glamour and love to look at lively colours, go with colour patterned bathroom tiles. These patterns are not all fussy and confusing but a work of art. They can resemble brush works or simply bold geometric shapes. Most importantly, these bathroom tiles speak about vibrant fresh, glowy colours. It will lift anyone’s mood anytime they walk in.

Matte is the new bold

Not everyone likes shiny things. For them, there is the perfect pattern of stoneware tiles. Matte-finished porcelain stoneware tiles speak of boldness. It doesn’t reflect anything but stands out for itself. Incorporate different shades of colour in the same matte shade, and your bathroom will be like no other. You will feel you are standing in a designed environment.

Neutral colours

Not everyone likes to stand out by vibrant colours or by choosing different textures of tiles. Some like it simple. Yes. Simplicity will always be on the trend. Simple greyscale, off white or minimalistic patterned stoneware tiles are a great choice to keep everything simple. Yet so elegant. Your selection of the other bathroom equipment will complement the solid colour tone. You will be in your favourite zone, which speaks for itself. Simple, yet elegant.

Dark Wood Look

Timber-look porcelain tiles have been in the bathroom scene for quite some time. Nature and aesthetic lovers like to keep a part of nature in their bathroom, like these wood pattern tiles. Maybe it can only be the floor or the shower area; these tiles speak of rusty and bold choices. It helps your mind to be one with nature.

Classic Mosaic Textures

Having a mosaic finish in your bathroom tiles is always a luxurious choice. Less costly and easy to install porcelain stoneware tiles are available in various mosaic designs. Different patterns incorporated with colours can uplift any regular bathroom into a fresh-looking personal space.

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