Top Cabinet Knobs and Handles Trends to Consider


Most of the time, your kitchen is an oasis – a place that you wish you could turn into a tranquil spot since you spend so much time in there. However, when your cabinets look like they just went through the war of time, it might be quite difficult to enjoy your time in the kitchen.

Still, this does not mean that you have to replace your kitchen cabinets altogether. All you have to do is replace the hardware. No matter if you fancy knobs or handles, here are some trends that you might want to consider. Some of them have just begun to catch on – whereas others are timeless and could always be relied upon.

1. Oversized Drawer Pulls

Before this, we focused on making the drawer pulls as unnoticeable as possible – actually making them blend in the cabinet. Nowadays, oversized drawers are all the rage. And by oversized, we mean those pulls that go from 6 inches to 21 inches. These pulls are generally placed vertically on a tall cabinet and horizontally on a larger kitchen drawer. They are particularly effective if your drawers hold quite some heavy items (such as pots or the trash can).

2. Flat Black Finished Hardware

When you think about it, there’s nothing really new about dark hardware on the kitchen cabinets. Copper, brown, dark hues – all of these have been a hit for quite some time. However, how often did you see pitch black (or matte black) hardware before? Not very often, we presume. However, this trend has slowly managed to wriggle its way into the kitchen and become quite popular. Aside from the pulls and knobs, people also use this color for sinks and faucets.

3. Weathered Nickel Pulls and Knobs

Brushed (or weathered) nickel knobs and pulls aren’t going anywhere. They give off a completely different look, and they are the perfect choice if you are looking to add more of a vintage vibe into your kitchen. Aside from that, they add dimension into the room and they’re perfect for your average farmhouse kitchen. Still, they may also be mixed into a modern design.

4. Glass Handles and Knobs

Looking for a bit more elegance while attempting to make your kitchen seem more modern? Well, in that case, you will certainly appreciate the look of glass handles and knobs. This type of hardware has been quite popular around the 20th century, going out of style at the end of the Depression era – but this year, it seems that it is making a comeback. It features a versatility like no other type of hardware – and more and more people are bringing it back into their kitchens.

5. Tubular Bar Handle Pulls

Remember when all the popularity was around the handle pulls with all those intricate details? Granted, they are still a popular choice if you are going for a farmhouse looking kitchen – but nowadays, simple tubular bar handle pulls are all the rage. They look modern, and overall, provide some clean aesthetics if you want to go for a straightforward design. Plus, since they are fairly easy to clean, they appeal to pretty much everyone.

6. Industrial Handles and Knobs

This trend is generally more popular when it comes to urban remodeling. If your home is packed with concrete floors, wooden beams, and exposed brick, then this kind of hardware will be the cherry on top that will make everything blend in more smoothly. Most of the time, this kind of hardware is made from solid brass, generally with a variety of other finishes. It looks modern, in a way – but at the same time, it has a vintage look that is hard to pass over. If you are a steampunk fan, then the chances are high that this trend will speak to you.

The Bottom Line

Not sure how to update your kitchen cabinets? You may never fail with a change in hardware – which is why you may want to keep these trends into consideration. No matter if you are going for a more modern look or a rather industrial approach, there are still some very good options for you and your style.

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