Top 7 Rules For Playing Cricket You Need To Be Careful Of


Welcome to  Fantasy Cricket, the best game of all time. This article will assist a complete novice in understanding some of the fundamental principles of Cricket. If you want to play in the backyard with a friend or start a band, there’s something for everybody. Cricket-Rules will assist you in learning the foundations of one of the world’s most famous games. The game is still well-attended, with many people tuning in to cheer for their favorite local and national teams. The craze of fantasy sports continues to spread. With large competitions such as The Ashes, the IPL League, and the 2019 ICC World Cup Cricket! Cricket is a widely played sport. Cricket is a bat-and-ball competition played on a wide field known as a park. It’s a sport in which two 11-player people compete against one another.

1. One Over Is Equivalent To Six Balls

The striker receives the cricket ball from the bowler. The ball is considered completed if the latter hits it and misses it. An “over” is when the bowler throws six balls in a row. Another member of the team now bowls the next over.

2. Batsmen Are Not Expected To Run

Baseball players are well-known in the United States for throwing their bats aside and sprinting from base to base. Batters in Cricket bring their bats with them when they sprint and use them to track their success by touching the field with them. It’s worth noting that they are not needed to drive.

3. Professional Cricket Matches Are Short-lived Affairs

Nonetheless, these tournaments, commonly referred to as exhibition matches, last six hours a day and last five days. Playtime is fixed between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., so test matches must use only natural light.

4. Four Runs Are Scored When A Boundary Fence Is Struck

A batsman’s potential to touch the fence with a bowled ball should be worth four runs in Cricket. The batsman gets six runs if the ball goes over the boundary fence.

5. The Practise Of Losing Time Is Frowned Upon

Cricket matches are well-known for lasting several days. To prevent time wasting, a new batsman is out of the game if it takes him longer than two minutes to take the field when a wicket falls.

6. Players in The Game

Each team has 11 players, including a wicketkeeper, specialist batters and bowlers, and those who can do both (all-rounders). Ian Botham, Jacques Kallis, Gary Sobers, and Kapil Dev were all-rounders in Cricket, capable of batting and bowling at a high pace. A chalk line or ‘crease’ is drawn in front of each pair of stumps to mark the position that effectively ‘belongs’ to the batsman. The batsman is exempt from being run out as long as he stays within his crease (or at least leaves his bat rooted inside it).

7. Field Positioning Is A Personal Preference

The team captain has the option of assigning team members to a variety of field positions. Each captain implements this technique to the team’s benefit and to complicate the opposing team’s strategy.

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