Top 7 Privacy Fence Styles and Design Ideas


Fences play a major role in a home. One of the prominent roles is providing privacy to the house, which is important to some homeowners. While providing privacy, a fence can serve other functional purposes, such as security and property demarcation. Above all these uses, a fence doesn’t have to be dull and unattractive. Visit now for your fencing needs. They can enhance the value and appearance of a property by serving a decorative function as well. In this article, we shall look at some cool privacy fence design ideas that are aesthetically pleasing to look at as well. You may also read this article if you are looking for inspiration for your new home.

Solid Tiled Wall

As far as privacy concerns are involved, fewer options will beat full solid tiled wall fencing. It ensures maximum privacy and security. No nosy neighbors or intruders can determine what is happening on the other side of the fence. However, some homeowners may be wary of the unattractiveness of a solid tiled wall. Getting creative with the colors and patterns of the tiles may help solve this problem. If done well, a solid tiled wall screams sophistication. It is best suited for stately homes. Before settling on this privacy fence design, check with the local council if it is permitted in your neighborhood.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fencing is stunning and offers maximum privacy. It has that bohemian island vibe and still does well on the functional front. Bamboo fencing does well in almost all weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance in the short term. There are many exciting stained colors to choose from. Red, brown, and yellow are just some of these. Your selections should ensure that the fencing fits the overall aesthetic theme of your backyard. It stands out from the neighbors and doesn’t look as intimidating as a solid tile or brick wall. You cannot go wrong with a bamboo fence. Bamboo fencing is one of the most environmentally friendly options on this list.

With bamboo fencing, you have three options: Bamboo cane, live bamboo, and rolled bamboo. All are excellent for privacy. Rolled bamboo and bamboo cane can be stained to your preference. They are sturdier since they are fitted tightly together. Live bamboo is for those homeowners who prefer to take a more landscaping approach with their fencing. With this option, they’ll have to be patient as bamboo grows about a foot a year and doesn’t do well in very cold climates.

Brick Wall

A brick wall is a pretty standard fencing option in some neighborhoods. It offers a high level of privacy, just like a solid tiled wall. Bricks can be layered and painted in different patterns to bring in that desired look. White paint is particularly common due to the sophistication it offers. Rendered finishing can help bring to life an overall aesthetic appeal that fits with the home and the patio. With brick walls, you can add any decorative elements on the inside wall as you want. Plants, decorative screens, paintings, art galleries, are just some of them. Schedule a free estimate for repair block wall, block wall restoration and new block wall installation in Phoenix, AZ. Keep in mind that building the perfect fence or wall starts with finding the right block wall contractor!

Vinyl Fencing

If you are looking for backyard privacy fence ideas, you must have come across vinyl fencing. It is the most popular privacy fence designs idea at this time. It provides just the right amount of privacy while not overwhelming the overall aesthetics of a home. For one, this type of fencing is not bulky compared to other options. It doesn’t give the feel of a fortress that you may not want. Vinyl fencing is strong and flexible and very durable, making it cost-effective. Weather elements don’t affect it as well as other factors such as animals. It requires very minimal maintenance. Even upon impact, its flexibility allows it to regain its shape without any intervention. The downside with vinyl privacy fence styles is that the initial costs are higher. If you think vinyl fencing is the right choice for your property, you can get in touch with fence companies around your area.

Tall hedge, Trees, Shrubbery

In as much we want privacy, connecting with nature and having environmentally-friendly fencing options is still a desired goal for many people. The backyard particularly is where we connect with nature. Some privacy fence design ideas can easily degrade the environment and landscaping of a space. A living wall is a good option to solve this challenge. Tall hedges, shrubbery, trees can be designed in such a manner that they provide privacy. It is mostly a slow process, and you need time to nurture them, but the end results are amazing. If you have a flower garden in the backyard, then a living fence will complement it better than any other option.

Corrugated Metal and Wood Combination

Corrugated metal and wood are popular privacy fence styles on their own. But they can be combined to achieve an even more beautiful fence. The thing with combining these popular materials is that it breaks the monotony of having just one of them. In a few instances, I have seen this type of fencing, it simply looks stunning. It has a modern look while also creating that classical feel that wood gives. Setting in the backyard against the backdrop of a flower garden or a well-landscaped lawn is simply a thing of beauty.

Wooden Fence

Wood privacy fences designs have been with us since medieval times. This is the most popular fencing design in history across many countries. There is a reason for this. A wooden fence just feels at home. It sits well with the landscaping; it offers privacy and security and is cheaper to install than other alternatives. It provides everything a fence is supposed to. There are many designs and styles to choose from.  You can either have a picket fence, a stockade, classic, solid board, scalloped, shadowbox, etc. There are numerous styles to choose from. All these offer different levels of privacy, depending on your needs. Try western red cedar for wood fencing, it’s strong and durable.

When settling for one backyard privacy fence idea over another, be sure to understand the impact that the fence will have on your landscaping. Some solid privacy fence styles will cast a shadow on your plants, which may affect them. Others block the wind, which might be helpful for the plants. To help you decide which fence is the best one for your property, visit to view a wide array of different fence types made with different materials.

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