Top 10 Items To Declutter When Moving


Congratulations on taking the broad step of relocating and starting a new chapter in your life. But before you begin your packing process, ask yourself a few questions. How often do you use this item? Does it have any sentimental value to you? Is there enough space to move it? Getting to answer the questions will not only help you stay organized but also let you pack the items you need. Keep reading to see the items your trusted moving and storage company feels you should let go when moving.

1. Clothing: You probably have some clothes in your closet that you don’t put on at all. You could have bought the clothes due to fashion trends, or maybe because some became smaller. Pack the clothes you often wear and consider selling or donating the rest.

2. Bulky Items: Unused laptops, books, DVD players, and disks always consume a lot of space while packing. You can always opt to donate these items or get rid of them by selling if you rarely use them.

3. Bathroom Items: 50% of what you have in your bathroom cabinets are either expired or unimportant. Use the safest manner possible to dispose of the expired and unimportant items.

4. Papers: Nowadays, everyone lives in a digital world. You should consider scanning all your documents into your personal computer and email. Carry your important documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and financial records; then, dispose of the less important papers.

5. Garage Junk: Some items such as fertilizers, insecticides, and other chemicals are mostly placed in garages. You don’t need some of these items in the first place. Make sure you safely dispose of them.

6. Appliances: In most instances, a new home brings about an update of your current washer/dryer, refrigerator, and other home appliances. If your old appliances are functioning perfectly and you feel they are outdated, you can consider donating them to charity or selling them.

7. Old furniture: Some furniture like an old couch brings about bulkiness when relocating. If your furniture is in usable condition, you can consider donating to a charitable institution or selling.

8. Bedding: You can always opt to replace some old blankets and mattresses with new ones. Donating them will not only give you more comfort in your home but also give more space for other items in the moving truck.

9. Household items: Before your moving day, look into details on all the items in your home and note those you’ve been using and which have been sitting collecting dust. Consider selling those not in use in a garage sale.

10. Vehicles: If you have an extra car or truck that has been idle sitting on your property or is rarely in use, consider selling it. You will manage to save some funds in your relocating cost.
In conclusion, it takes hard work to begin the process of moving. If you can avoid moving bulky or unimportant items, you will make your relocating process easier. Remember that you can always replace some disposed of items later.


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