Top 10 Items for Your Kids’ Bathroom

The bathroom is considered one of the most important rooms in your home, as it is where you would often practice personal hygiene, which could not be done in any other rooms in your house. While bathrooms are generally versatile, most bathrooms designed are really made for kids. Luckily, there are easy methods for you to transform your bathroom into one that is suitable for your children, and one of those ways is by buying items that are made or designed for them. Here are the top 10 items you may need for your kids’ bathroom. Meanwhile, open the link if you are looking for the best online casinos au.

Potty Training Seats

If your kids are just starting how to use the bathroom on their own, then you may need to buy them a potty training seat that allows them to have an easier time using the toilet. Your bathroom’s toilet may be too high or tall for your kids, so having a potty training seat with a built-in catcher at the bottom would be the ideal item to have for your kids’ bathroom. Also prefer jellycat which is one of the most popular toy now a day that make your kids more happy.

Toilet Paper

Of course, if you want to train them for potty, then you should also provide them with toilet paper so that they can learn how to clean themselves after using a toilet. Be sure to buy rolls of toilet paper that have a soft texture so that the tissue won’t harm your kids’ sensitive skin. In addition, you should also place a toilet paper holder at the right height so that your children can reach for a tissue.

Bathtub Toys

empty bathtub with rubber ducks

The kids’ bathroom wouldn’t be complete without bathtub toys, which are played by kids to keep them in the bathtub for long periods without getting bored. You can buy common bathtub toys like rubber ducks or boats, but you can also buy engaging toys like puzzles, blocks, and bricks. Be sure that the toys are big enough so that the kids won’t swallow them and are chemical-free so that there wouldn’t be harmful chemicals that will mix with the water.

Bathtub Mat

Bathtubs can usually get slippery even if their surface isn’t wet. So, to prevent your kids from slipping in the bathtub, you should buy a bath mat that can be played on either the floor next to the bathtub or on the bathtub itself. The bath mat has a grippy surface that offers your kids a more stable floor to stand or sit on so that they won’t worry about slipping.

Shampoo Rinsing Cup

Rinsing shampoo off of children’s hair can sometimes be tricky since you would usually have to avoid getting shampoo on your kid’s eyes, which may cause them to get irritated. Luckily, there is an item that you can use to properly rinse off the shampoo of a kid’s hair, and that item is called a shampoo rinsing cup. This special bathroom item has one rubber side that can be placed on the child’s head to serve as a unique stopper that prevents the water and shampoo from getting on the face of the child. The shampoo rinsing cup is a must-have bathroom item if you want your kid to have a more enjoyable and less irritating time taking a bath.

Electric Toothbrush for Kids

An electric toothbrush helps your kids brush their teeth better, as the rotation and the vibration of the toothbrush can get rid of stubborn food particles and even plaque on the teeth. There are also several electric toothbrushes that have a built-in music player in them to make the activity more fun and exciting for kids, as they will be entertained by the music instead of thinking about the mundane brushing task itself.

Toothpaste for Kids

The toothpaste you use for brushing your teeth is not suitable for children, as it contains ingredients that may be too strong for the sensitive gums and teeth of a child. As such, it is important to know that you should buy your kids a separate pack of toothpaste that is made specifically for kids. The toothpaste for kids has ingredients that are not too strong but are still effective in cleaning and whitening the teeth.

Bathtub Elbow Rest and Knee Mat

These items are not exactly for kids but for the parents or guardians that will help children take a bath. The elbow rest and knee mat can be placed on the side of the bathtub so that the adult that will bathe the child will have a more comfortable place to lean their elbows and knees on while they are in a kneeling position next to the bathtub. So, with the help of these comfortable items, you will no longer experience pain on your elbows and knees whenever you assist your child in applying shampoo or soap.

Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

As mentioned frequently in this list, children would tend to have sensitive skin, so skincare products for adults aren’t suitable for them. So, you would need to buy a separate bottle of shampoo or body wash that is specifically made to clean and wash sensitive skin. Buy products that are tear-free and contain 100% natural ingredients for your children.

Silicone Scrubber

To make it easier for you to scrub off stubborn dirt on your child’s skin, then you should get a silicone scrubber, which is soft enough to not harm the skin but has plenty of bristles to brush off dirt and grime. Be sure that the silicon brush you will be buying is BPA-free so that it won’t have chemicals that may harm the skin of your child.

Getting essential bathroom items for your children can be quite pricy, but buying and using them is worth it since it would help turn a typically difficult activity for you into a more convenient one. It will also allow you more time to enjoy great options like these real money casinos you can play anytime online.  In addition to making it quicker and hassle-free for you to bathe your kids, your children will also enjoy taking a bath because of the colorful and fun items that they see and interact with.