Top 10 best online casino bonuses of 2021!

Why do you get such good casino bonuses at online casinos?

Getting a casino bonus at a land based casino is almost unheard of. Here you can be happy if you are offered a free drink on your birthday….

Yet the phenomenon is not unique to the Internet. Casinos in Las Vegas have been offering their players various bonuses for years. For example, players who wager a lot of money get, among other things, dinners in restaurants and hotel stays. High Rollers can come to Las Vegas whenever they want and stay for free in the most luxurious suites. The purpose of this, of course, is to keep gamblers in the casino to gamble as often and as long as possible.

An online casino bonus can also be compared to this. However, the casinos online cannot offer you drinks, food or accommodation. They therefore offer a casino online bonus. This way you get the opportunity to gamble for free and win real money.

We will walk you through different types of casino bonuses to ensure you understand how to obtain and optimize the benefits of those bonuses. After reading this post, if you want to get your free money and play at online casinos, here is a list of the best bonus deals waiting for you!

What are different types of casino bonuses?

A casino bonus at online casinos comes in different types. Among other things there is a difference in the wagering requirements that you need to meet. Only after you have wagered the amount a few times can you withdraw the bonus amount.

In addition, you as an individual must also meet a number of conditions in order to receive the casino bonus in your account. For example the welcome bonuses are only meant for new players of the online casino. But for example the reload bonus often has the condition that you must have been active in the last month.

So you see, there are different bonuses and each one has its own benefit. Below we have listed the different types of casino bonuses. Choose the bonus that suits you best and unlock your casino bonus today!  Be sure to check out online casino österreich for great options. Also check out online casino Malaysia as a great option.

Casino Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is offered the most by online casinos. With this bonus they want to attract you as a new player. The welcome bonus consists of several bonuses combined. One part consists of a percentage and the other is the free spins bonus. Some casinos have multiple bonuses with percentages for when you deposit more often. These deposit bonuses apply as follows: The percentage tells the amount of your bonus.

Example: if you deposit $50 and get a 100% bonus you will get $100 credited to your casino account.

No Deposit Bonus

Many players are naturally looking for bonuses that they get without making a deposit, a so-called no deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus is such a bonus. All you have to do as a new player is to create an account at the online casino. That’s it! You will immediately get the free spins or free money bonus deposited into your casino account. From that moment on you can take a gamble on a specific slot with the free spins. Or on any other casino game with your free money! Best of all, you can win real money too!

Reload Bonus

The reload bonus lives up to its name. This bonus gives you as a player extra money on your casino account when you make another deposit. With the welcome bonus you often get a percentage if you deposit for the first time. But once you play and deposit more often, you won’t get this bonus anymore. That’s what the reload bonus is for! If you make a new deposit on a specific day. You can immediately score a bonus. So check with your casino on which day you can score this reload bonus and make your deposit on that day.

Get Free Money

Getting a free money bonus, that’s what everyone wants, right? Now you too can easily get your hands on this bonus. All you have to do is to create a new account at a new online casino. Check beforehand which gambling site offers this bonus, so that you can score the right bonus. After creating your casino account, get the money deposited right away. Now you can gamble on any casino game you like! Before you start playing, check if there are any additional conditions. Some online casinos only put the free money on specific games.

Free Spins Bonus

Perhaps the easiest bonus to get and the one that is offered the most. The free spins bonus. Virtually every online casino gives away this free spins bonus. Often you will get the first free spins when you create an account. If you make a deposit after that, you will often get a few more. The free spins are often also part of a reload bonus. Some online gambling sites offer them on specific free spins days. Each round of free spins can be wagered on a different slot machine. So find out in advance which video slot you can play on with this bonus.

Cashback At Casinos

The cashback bonus is not that common at online casinos, but it is here! This bonus is just not advertised as a bonus that often, so you have to look for it at an online casino. You can earn the cashback bonus as a percentage. This percentage is what you get back if you lose all the deposited money. This percentage varies from casino to casino so you need to find out carefully. Suppose you have a 15% cashback bonus and you have deposited $100. After a week of playing you have lost all your money. After waiting 24 hours the casino will give you back $15 on your account.

What are terms of use for casino bonuses?

What are terms of use for casino bonuses

For nothing goes the sun. Is a well-known saying that is often true. Before you score a top casino bonus you should always pay attention. What’s the catch with casino bonuses at online casinos? Online casinos don’t just give away free money.

What you need to know then is that there are conditions attached to using a bonus. These are usually described on the page explaining the offer. On the website, look for the terms and conditions. It is very important to read these carefully so you know what to expect.

Below we list some conditions you should definitely find out before you start gambling.

Wagering requirement (Round-robin conditions)

The most important condition is without doubt the wagering requirement. This stipulates that the money must first be wagered a minimum number of times before players are allowed to cash out. Moreover, these conditions must be met within a certain number of days. Please note that the winnings you get from free spins are also considered bonus money.

Certain casino games sometimes excluded for a bonus

Another point to consider is that not all wagers count toward the wagering requirement. Some games of chance are excluded and others only count for a percentage. Table games, such as blackjack and roulette, for example, often count for only 5 percent and at some providers not at all. A live casino bonus, for example, is also not something you will find easily. Since live casinos always involve large sums of money.

Countries and IP restrictions with a casino bonus

One condition that is fairly obvious is that you may only use a bonus once per household. Not surprisingly, you’re not allowed to create another account in your brother’s name to reap the benefit again.

This is checked by keeping track of the IP address of your internet connection. Similarly, the casino checks which country you are based in. Some countries are not allowed to use a bonus.

When do you play with bonus money?

Also important is knowing when to start playing with casino bonus money. One condition many players tend to forget is that with most providers you first start playing with your own money. Only after you’ve lost all of this money does the bonus money become active and so do the conditions.

Should you win a big prize with your own money, you have the option at most casinos to cancel the casino bonus. This allows you to simply cash out your winnings.

Conditions for bonus payouts

The casino bonus terms that determine when you can have your winnings paid out. These, of course, are also important to know. First of all we should mention that for no deposit bonuses there is almost always a minimum and maximum payout. For all other types of bonuses, you can win as much money as you want. However, free spins or free money might not allow you to play slots with mega jackpots.

One condition for the payouts is that you must first wager the bonus money a minimum number of times. Only after you have met this requirement can you keep the amount and do what you want with it. So you can cash out, but also wager it on games of chance where this was not previously possible. The live casino for example.

What you need to know about the online casino bonuses?

The frequently asked questions about bonuses can be found below. So that you really know everything about a casino with a bonus before you start playing.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a free game or free money from an online casino, which you get when you create a new account. Many online gambling sites give these kinds of gifts to players who create a new account. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll often receive free spins which you can use on a specific slot machine. Some online casinos will even give you free money which you can use to play a game of roulette for example.

Which bonus is the easiest to score?

The easiest bonus of all is the free spins bonus or free money bonus. With the free money bonus you will get for example $5 free deposited into your casino account which you can use to play on all casino games. But the free money bonus can also include free spins, in which case it is the same as the free spins bonus.

With these bonuses you get, you guessed it, free spins on a slot machine. Which slot machine this is depends on the online casino. These spins are always specific to one slot machine. However, there are multiple free spins that can be scored with different bonuses, all of which are valid on a different video slot!

What are the playthrough requirements of online casino bonuses?

The wagering requirement is an important aspect of casino bonuses. These terms state how many times you must wager the bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. Each online casino makes its own terms and conditions.

So at one gambling site you may only have to play the bonus 30 times, while at another you may have to play it 45 times. Always check the terms and conditions in advance.

What does a 200% welcome bonus mean?

If an online casino gives you a 200% welcome bonus it means that you get an extra 200% deposited on your first deposit. So if you have created a new casino account and made a deposit your balance will be increased by 200%. For example, if you deposit $100, the casino will give you $200 for free. That’s a nice balance of $300!

Do I have easy access to my bonus money and deposited funds?

Yes, the online casinos have paid attention to this! You have two wallets in your casino account. In one wallet you have the balance of the money you deposited yourself. While the other wallet contains only bonus money. This way you can clearly see with which wallet you are playing, real or bonus money. Any winnings you make while playing will also be placed back in the same wallet as long as you have not reached the wagering requirements.

How can I get a deposit bonus?

When you first start making deposits into your casino account, there are a number of requirements that you must fulfill before you can get the welcome bonus. It is, of course, important that you are actually new to the online casino, otherwise you will not be entitled to the welcome bonus. For every deposit bonus there is always a minimum amount. And often a code has to be used in order to claim a bonus. So check the bonus terms before you deposit.