Tips to Select Kitchen Handles

Handles tend to be a necessary final touch that you can give to kitchen cabinets. They are an important part of the overall décor. You can choose to get traditional ones or contemporary ones. Some will give a touch of both features. They are available in various types of materials along with finishes. These can create a mood for the area. The following aims to give you some helpful tips when you need to choose handles.

Good quality and useful

The handles must be of good quality and designed extravagantly. The cabinet doors in the kitchen are often opened and shut and so you will want something that is comfortable and matches with everything.

It is a good idea to test the handles that you wish to purchase. Hold it against the door to see if it is simple to grip and the way it feels when you hold it. They must be suitable for everyone who needs to employ the kitchen, like people with bigger hands and elderly individuals.

Ask the business what material they are composed of and the warranty that they have. You want to get one that does not have to be replaced soon.


Figure out how you want the handle to look and what impact it must give in the kitchen. This item affects how the kitchen looks and so you have to be careful here. Check out Matte Black Door Handles Australia for the best option when it comes to handles.

You can look for affordable kitchen handles that are contemporary, traditional as well as transitional. Whatever matches your kitchen should be selected.

Traditional style cabinets that have profiled doors plus ornate moldings look good with old style handles. You can choose a knob similar to this for the doors. Traditional includes drop handle and cup handle for instance.

Utilizing a simple and streamlined handle upon minimalist cabinets that have flat-fronted doors gives a chic look. Slim rectangular bar ones or softly curved barrel ones having clean lines are good here.

Those who do not want to get a traditional and contemporary look can get the transitional one.


When you have selected the style, then figuring out the finish will be easier. For instance, traditional handles can be gotten in various finishes like stainless steel, brass, pewter, black.

Color must be kept in mind as well. Black ones look elegant on a light grey cabinet. They can have a porcelain effect that looks similar to the handles present upon sink taps.


The price of the kitchen handles is an important point that you need to keep in mind. You will want to remain in your budget and not get something that will cost too much. It is better to invest in good quality handles so that they stay for some time.

Research on the handles that different brands sell and check out the price. Do not only consider cost but keep quality in mind.

If you want the look of your kitchen to be overall amazing, then you have to focus on all areas including the handles.