Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Roofing Replacement


When your roofing needs replacement, it is common to experience a sense of urgency. To make the process go smoothly, there are things you can do before the work starts. Preparation will help ensure that everything goes according to plan and avoid costly mistakes during the installation process. This blog post provides a few tips for preparing your home for a roofing replacement job.

Think about your kids and pets: There are three essential things to consider when preparing your home for a roofing replacement. First, think about the people who live with you and how they will be affected by construction noise or being around heavy machinery or toxic materials. If there is any concern at all, speak to the contractor before installation begins so that necessary accommodations can be made.

Choose a safe room: You also want to think about where you will be during construction. If possible, choose a place that is least likely to have debris fall on it. For example, if your attic has limited access, this might not be the best option for someone who wants to stay out of harm’s way. A safer choice will be an interior bathroom or even a basement if they are large enough and free from clutter, so nothing falls through the ceiling.

Clean before work starts: Before installation begins, make sure all areas are thoroughly cleaned. This includes walls, floors, trim fixtures, and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Also, take care of any pets that may cause damage once workers set up equipment around them because animals can destroy flooring or damaged wiring.

Relocate your vehicles: When roofing replacement begins, make sure you remove your vehicles from the driveway and garage. Access will be blocked during work hours, so it is best to park elsewhere for this period. If they are not moved before installation starts, cars could get damaged or even destroyed by construction equipment or materials that fall on them.

Plan ahead: It’s also a good idea at this point to think about what exterior decoration should remain up after installation is complete. For example, if you want new gutters but don’t plan on replacing shutters right away, then keep those in place while workers return shingles around their location. This way, everything falls into place when restoration finishes instead of looking out of place with mismatched parts.

Remove wall decorations: Before a roofing replacement begins, remove everything nailed or glued to the walls. Items such as pictures, tapestries, and even calendars should be taken down because they could fall during installation.

Cover the items in your attic, if any: If it is an attic or crawl space that requires replacement, then you might consider covering the items in this location with plastic sheeting. A contractor can help select a design for this job, and they will be able to explain why each choice works best and how long they should stay up. Also, check out the cost of professional roof replacement here.

Protect your belongings: With any renovation project, there are always things homeowners need to do ahead of time, so their property doesn’t get damaged. When replacing roof shingles on a home, these precautions may include removing anything from yard areas near construction sites and moving cars into garages during work hours if possible. The same goes for cleaning rooms before workers arrive and temporarily blocking access ways by parking elsewhere when the installation starts.

Remove antennas and satellite dishes: Also, if you have antennas or satellite dishes on your roof, make sure to remove them before workers arrive. This is because they could get knocked down and cause damage when materials fall.

Remove chairs from the pool: If there is a swimming pool in place, advise homeowners to take their furniture out of it as well. It’s best not to leave anything inside that may be damaged by exposure during construction for this reason.

Cover windows with tarps: To protect glass surfaces like windows, cover each with tarpaulins, so nothing breaks once restoration begins. Once work finishes, these can be removed just as quickly as they went up, making cleanup easy after installation finally ends.

Move grills and patio furniture away from the work zone: Another precaution for homeowners is to remove grills and patio furniture from surrounding areas. Since many of these items are made with metal or wood, it’s best not to leave them exposed during construction because debris could get stuck in grill vents or damage wooden surfaces.

Cover plants: If your home has any potted plants outside, then cover each one with a tarpaulin until restoration wraps up. Not only will this prevent dirt from getting into the air when workers begin their job, but you can also use this time to water them more often since they won’t be visible while covered by tarps.

These are just a few of the many steps homeowners can take to protect their property while having roof shingles replaced. Once construction begins, there is always a risk for falling debris, and workers may need access to certain areas like patios or garages to complete installation well. Make sure you ask your roofing contractor how best you can help them prepare for a roofing job.

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