Tips To Make Your Home Look Expensive


Upgrading the interior of your home once in a while is a refreshing activity. It keeps the features of your house up to date, fresh and elegant. Putting in some effort to make your home look expensive is truly rewarding, not just emotionally but also financially. Other than boosting that ambiance of a home, it also helps increase its value, making it more marketable in case you put it up for sale or rent.

Consequently, many people strive to make their homes look grand, expensive, and elegant. Some people who have BMA Homes that already look grand even consider home updates now and then to keep it looking glamorous as always.

However, aiming for a grand home is not always easy and cheap. Fortunately, we have rounded up a few tips you can do to your home to make it look elegant and expensive.

Install Proper Lighting

Lighting is one of the most critical elements in interior architecture as it boosts the aesthetic appeal of a house and sets the mood and ambiance of a room. It is an element in interior design that resembles functionality and style. Proper lighting is, thus, essential to make the room look bright and elegant. 

To achieve elegance in a room, you have to be creative in installing the lights. Perhaps, instead of placing traditional table lamps, try hanging pendant lights in its place. Consider also placing lights that look classy and unique.

Also, you can add dimmer switches that adjust the lighting in a room to make the place feel warm, cozy, and expensive.

Use Neutral Colors

Whether it be painting the walls, replacing a couch or placing in throw pillows, always opt for neutral colors. Neutral colors help make a room look elegant.

Neutral themes are also easy to update and install in accents. It also makes the room look more together and structured.

Throw pillows and textiles that match the ambiance of the room also helps set a light mood to your home.

Hang long curtains

Luxurious homes usually have high ceilings. To also make your home look expensive, a simple trick is by hanging long curtains close to the ceiling with ends hitting the floor. Doing this will give the appearance of a lofty space.

Opt for grand long curtains and avoid short draperies. Short ones look cheap and ready-made. They also make the room modest and less impressive.

Another trick is by adding sheer and lightweight curtains. They help natural light come in and soften the ambiance of a room, making it look warm, cozy, and luxe.

Place a large rug in the room

Do not forget to add a large statement rug. Stylish rugs help bring everything in the room together and sets a stage for other furniture. It adds warmth, texture, and color to a room. Not only that, but also large rugs make a place look more refined and luxurious. It also makes a room look more spacious and airy.

Do not compromise rugs with small cheap ones since they will make the room small and tight. Having large rugs automatically makes a room look and feel expensive. 

Hang art on your walls

Another easy trick to make your room look elegant is by hanging unique art pieces on the walls of your living room and bedroom. Framed artworks can make your home look classy and homey. You do not need expensive works by famous artists. If you feel creative, you can create your own or buy one from local craft stores.

In choosing art, plan where everything should be placed and decide the right size and scale for the wall. If you have an oversized statement piece, it is also a great tip to put them in a prominent area of your living room. An attention-grabbing art will not only make your room look fresh and luxe, but also it can serve as conversation starters for visitors.

However, remind yourself not to overdo the frames. Note that you don’t need artwork on every wall of your home.

Declutter the room

When it comes to designing your home, less is more. Too much stuff can make your house look cheap and chaotic. Thus, it would be best to throw out pieces that you do not need and those that do not look flattering. Otherwise, it will make the room look messy and cluttered.

Organize bookshelves and pare down your accessories. Decluttering helps the room look neat, fresh, and luxurious.


There are no bounds to achieving a high-end and luxe home. You do not always need to hire professionals to make it happen. With a little creativity, you will have a home that exudes comfort and luxury in no time. You only have to spark fresh ideas and be creative with how you organize these home elements. Ultimately, aim for illusions and eye tricks that will make your house look aesthetically pleasing, warm, and luxe.

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