Tips to Maintain Trees in Your Backyard


If you have a backyard, you know how pleasurable it can be to use it. You enjoy the great outdoors, and your kids can play without getting hurt or sick.

Tree services Sydney range in price from $350 to $3,490, and $1,290 is the citywide average price. The above price range represents an average; there are instances where a single tree or a group of trees might cost significantly more.

But sometimes your backyard needs some work, especially if you have trees. This article will give you tips on keeping those trees healthy so they don’t become a problem for you in the future.

Have a Tree Inspection Regularly

Annual tree inspections will help you keep your trees healthy and safe. Inspect your trees at least once a year or if you notice any changes in their health. The actual price range in Sydney is between $350 for a few trees under 5 meters tall and $4,500 for enormous Eucalyptus trees.

  • If a tree is dying, its leaves will begin to turn yellow and drop off before they should.
  • If there is sap coming out of an area where it shouldn’t be, it could mean an insect infestation is happening inside the tree itself. Since insects like to eat away at both living and dead wood, removing them as soon as possible is essential to prevent further damage.

Prune Your Trees Before and After Storms

Every spring, after the trees have leafed out and before the summer heat hits, you should trim your trees to remove any dead or damaged branches. You can also prune them in the fall to prepare for winter. Trimming them at these times is important because this is when a tree is most healthy and will recover faster from pruning wounds than at other times of the year.

Hire an Expert

If you have a tree to take care of in your backyard that has reached the end of its life and is causing a nuisance, then hiring a professional tree service is the best way to get rid of it. You should consider paying an average of $337. Once more, this represents the mean of a range from $100 to $1,200. Usually, an arborist costs around $450 for tree services in Sydney.

Before hiring an expert arborist, one must know how to find one. There are many

websites on which homeowners can post their needs and hire professionals for those needs from all over the country. These sites are usually free and cover all services, including lawn mowing, gutter cleaning, and tree removal.

You should also ask for references from friends or family members who have hired these services before; ask them about their experiences with these companies and if they would recommend them again in the future if needed.

Keep Your Tree’s Roots Healthy

  • Keep your tree’s roots healthy by making sure they are constantly moist.
  • Do not let your roots get too hot, or they will start to die off and rot.
  • Ensure enough space is left between the root ball and the concrete, sewer lines, power lines, water pipes, or dying trees so it can breathe and be healthy.


Many people need to realize how important it is to take good care of their trees. Sure, they look nice and provide shade, but they also serve as a valuable source of oxygen and help keep our planet healthy. If you want to ensure your tree stays healthy and beautiful for years, follow these tips!



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