Tips to keep your House Warm


You enter your house on a cold day, expecting it to be warmer, only to find the chilly weather hitting you in the face. We all had such experiences, and we know how pathetic they can be. In this article, you’ll learn the best ways to keep your house warmer on cold wintry days.

Cover The Drafts

Cold air can enter your house through any gap; therefore, cover them first if you are willing to keep your house warm. Close the main door and all the windows of the house so that the weather doesn’t affect the inside temperature of your house. After closing them, you’ll find cold air still enters your house through the small gap underneath the doors and around the windows. To stop the cold air from entering inside, use a blanket or a simple towel to cover those areas.

Close The Windows And Curtains

As mentioned earlier, close the doors as well as the windows. The majority of the cold air can enter your home through the windows. So close them and the curtains to block any possible air from entering your house easily. You can also use bubble wrap to cover the drafts of the windows.

Close The Doors Of Unused Rooms

If you are planning to stay inside a single room for a long time, then close all the doors of the rooms which you are not going to use in the next few hours. This means your house will get heated easily because the heated air doesn’t have to cover all areas of the house if the unwanted rooms are closed. But if you have to get to another room in a few hours, you can let the door open so that by the time you go to that room, it will be heated without compromising the temperature and comfort.

Lay A Rug On The Floor

It is one of the worst feelings when you step on the floor of your house, and it feels like it is freezing. You can lay a rug or a carpet on the floor so that if you have to step on the floor, you won’t feel any kind of shivering sensation of cold.

Let The Vents Stay Open

There is a myth that if you close or block the vents, your energy consumption bill will not increase, but it’s false. Even if you block all the vents, the heater will still consume energy at the same rate. Letting the vents stay open can help all the other rooms heat slowly.

Check The Areas Of The Radiator

If any furniture in your house is located near the radiator, relocate them and place them away from the radiator. Placing furniture near the radiator can block the heating process, which eventually means it will take more time to heat the room. Keep the area of the radiator as empty as possible.

Open The Curtains On A Sunny Day

Here’s a tip: if it’s a sunny day, open the curtains and windows to let the warm air enter your house. Not only will it save some money from your pocket, but it will also change the air inside your house with fresh and clean air.

You know the importance of an HVAC system to warm our houses on cold days. You can follow all the things listed in this article and still be cold if you don’t have a good heating system in the house. Installing an ordinary HVAC machine comes with other problems; therefore, install a better system from a trusted company. If you want to keep your house warm, install The Weather Changers Heating and Air Conditioning system and follow all the above-mentioned steps to enjoy your stay at home. Enjoy a cozy winter.



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