Tips To Hire a Roofer


1. Getting many quotes

You should try your best to have at least 3 roofing contractors to get a quote from. This is a good way of ensuring you are getting the best price for the job.

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There are many ways of finding a good roofer – from asking friends and family, to trade associations.

2. Asking them questions

It is a good idea to ask the different roofers you are considering the type of materials they suggest. This will help you know which roofers use quality materials, and which are trying to rob you.

You also need to ask them questions about their experience and project they have worked on before. How long have they been working in that profession? You will be able to weed out a lot of rogue traders who are not able to provide quality services.

3. Avoid choosing the cheapest option

This is where you need to be careful because it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option since you will be saving in the process. This is not a good idea because using pricing to choose a roofer is going to end up in regret. Choose a roofing company because it can provide quality services and you feel comfortable working with them.

4. Getting the quote in writing

You need to always get a quote in writing to avoid situations where they include hidden costs that they didn’t make clear in the beginning.

Quotations should include the work that is going to be done, the materials needed, and the timescale of the work to be done. It should have all costings.

5. Being careful when it comes to estimates

When you get an estimate, keep in mind that the price could change. This is because they will have a better look at the problem they are dealing with once they have removed the main part of the roof.

6. Advice is not free

A good roofer is ready to explain the quotes and process in-depth, but don’t expect to get free advice if you are not genuinely interested in hiring them for your roofing project.

7. Agreeing on payment terms

It is important to agree on payment terms before they can start working on your roofing. Be careful dealing with those asking for a full upfront payment. If the money they are asking for is for buying materials, then you need to ensure you know what you are paying for.

There is a risk of things going wrong. If your payment was in cash in a VAT-free deal, then you are going to have a hard time tracking down afterward. It is a good idea to pay using a bank transfer or credit cards because it is traceable. You can easily get reimbursed if things go wrong.

Ensure you get a schedule of work, which lays out what work is going to be done at what cost in stages. You can sign the contract once you have agreed on this, and make sure you also have a copy for yourself.

8. Good roofers offer a guarantee

A good roofer is going to offer a guarantee on their work, whether it is a roof refurbishment work or a new roof. They will provide you with tips to maintain a roof. You should make sure it is an insurance-backed guarantee that is independent of the company, which means you will get compensated even if the company goes out of business.

Ask the contractor to provide you with this. Having a paper trail is important because the documents are what you can fall back on.

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