Tips to Hire A Professional Gas Engineer


A boiler breakdown can cause a lot of inconveniences, which is why it is never a good time for your boiler to have an issue. Boiler breakdown means that you will have to do with no hot water and no central heating. When this happens, most people are tempted to get the first gas engineer they find on their search.

It is crucial to choose a licensed gas fitter from the right company. You should never hire illegal gas fitters because this comes with many risks. You can check out here legit professionals providing gas boiler servicing dublin.

According to this Gas Engineer Fort William that provides a high-quality professional service. Here is our guide to choosing a professional gas fitter.

Signs of an illegal gas fitter

When looking for a professional gas fitter, you should use the Gas Safe Register. It is a register of all qualified professionals in the field. Choosing from this list will ensure you choose the right person.

The team has set up a profile for spotting illegal engineers. These are such as;

A small company size. Most illegal gas fitters often work for very mall companies. Most times, these may comprise less than four members of staff. They may also be sole traders.

Professional work done. Many illegal gas engineers have a variety of extra services such as a handyman, odd jobs, etc.

How to avoid illegal gas engineers

The following tips will enable you to avoid paying for an illegal service provided by an unprofessional team that will most likely cut corners or fails to follow safety protocols.

Always choose a gas engineer from the Safe Gas Register when looking for professional gas engineers.

Always ask the engineer for their Safe Gas Register ID. If they are legal, then they will have one. It is the only way to be certain that a qualified professional is handling your gas cooker, gas boiler, or gas fire.

Always ensure you check the beach of their ID card. It lists the kind of work the engineer is legally permitted to do. Some engineers are allowed to fit a gas fire but may not have the license for fitting a gas boiler.


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