Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Next Rooftop Dining


When it comes to rooftop dining, every city has its unique offerings. As with any trend that becomes popular, many new rooftop dining experiences are popping up across the globe with little variation in their respective concepts and services. But no matter where you go for your next rooftop dining experience, whether it’s at home or abroad; here are some helpful tips for getting the affordable rooftop dining.

1. Research is key

There are countless rooftops to choose from, but how do you know which one is the best? The answer, of course, is through research. Before heading out for your next rooftop dining experience, you’ll want to do some thorough web searches and read all the reviews. If possible, go online and take a virtual tour of the roof. And if it’s a new rooftop you’re visiting for the first time or one that isn’t as well-known, be sure to enlist a friend who has been there before so they can give you some first-hand tips and advice on what to expect.

2. Don’t go alone

If you do happen to be in a solo situation, don’t be shy about asking for the assistance of a fellow patron. Rooftop dining is all about getting close to — and even meeting — your favorite celebrity or restaurant owner. It can also help if you are part of a large party because so many others will likely want to be your neighbor as well! The best way to find out how other people feel about the experiences is to ask them if they have been there before and what they loved or hated about it. Being able to share their thoughts will give you and everyone else an idea of what the best options might be.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

If there is a certain celebrity you would love to meet, don’t be afraid to ask the rooftop dining service crew if they know of any opportunities for you and the rest of your group to meet him or her. Many establishments offer this experience, but it is not always advertised. If a service team doesn’t know about it, chances are that neither does your server — so chances are that you might want to go about seeking this out on your own. And when deciding whether or not a particular establishment is right for such an opportunity, some things may factor in more than others.

Rooftop Dining

4. Bring sunscreen and stay comfortable

It’s a rooftop, so you’ll want to bring your sunscreen. If you are fortunate enough to be visiting a country where they speak English and Spanish, take advantage of that perk by asking for a little more french fries than what are usually served. And if you want something to drink other than water, ask your server before giving your order because some drinks might not be available out on the roof.

All these tips can be applied to any city, both at home and abroad, but the most important is just to have fun. Enjoy the view, the sun, and all the food you have prepared.

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