Tips to Find Best Commercial Rice Cooker


You make a point to start preparing yourself a perfect rice dish, but don’t know how to make a perfect one especially if it’s for a huge group. Cooking smart with a smart appliance in a commercial rice cooker can be a great idea. When you have too many people to serve, you can make use of this appliance in the best possible manner. It helps to cook evenly, keep the rice water warm, and finally serves the most delicious food right in front of you. So, you can impress your guests, take huge catering orders and earn good money. 

A commercial rice cooker is available to users of different sizes, and affordability. Although all of it seems to be great while buying, according to your needs and wants and your cooking comfort you have to make a decision. Commercial cooker rice is great when it comes to serving a huge amount of people. It can also be preferred by caterers for taking up huge events. 

Tips to Find the Best Rice Cooker 

1. Electric & Gas cooker

An electric one, like the Zojirushi rice cooker, is a great way to cook rice in the easiest possible way. It has simple functionality to operate, and offer heat to the entire cooking pot systematically. You can manage it without having to cost additional money on it. In fact, it is eco-friendly and that produces less heat while cooking. It cooks rice perfectly and makes it even quality of rice, soft and tasty to eat. Being portable, you can carry it along with you anywhere. 

The gas cooker is a great pick if you want to cook instantly without any hassle. Also, you can prepare sushi rice in it, that will gain rich flavor and add good taste in it. The gas cooker has the specialty to cook directly from the fire. This is the reason why you can expect the cooking of food to be fast. Make sure that your burner and pipes are properly maintained as it can cause harm if not taken proper care of. 

2. Volumes

If you need your rice to be fluffed and perfectly cooked, the rice cooker should have the ability to hold sufficient liter of water it’s in. There are different volumes of rice cookers that you can choose from, 6, 10, as well as 15 and 25 liters as well. It will serve you different types of rice and in different quantities. Thus, you have to take into consideration the volume of your rice as well. The commercial rice cooker is available in different sizes and they are usually bigger in size. The volume of its starts with 20 cups that range to 55 cups. Always remember that your cups are designed especially for measuring the size of your rice level. 

3. The setting of the Cooker

The modern way of making in the cooker is restricted to not just cooking the rice but different dishes. The multipurpose rice cooker can be purchased with a different combination of slow cook, steam function and other ones that are too common. You can enjoy the use of an automatic design product that operates with just one push from your side. You can also understand the complicated settings that it features in it. Learn how to use the setting of the cooker and make it possible for you to cook amazing dishes. It also offers you a different temperature, design, heat setting and a lot more. If you are getting feature-loaded ones you might have to spend more on it. 

4. Keep it warm

Keeping it warm functions are very much friendly for users to prefer. With the help of setting time in the cooker, you can cook the rice perfectly in it. You don’t have to examine the rice again and again; this is how you can make the rice without having to look at it again. The “keep it warm function” will keep your rice cooked well and warm. If your busy preparing some other dish, this will help you not examine it again and again and cook all by itself. They will keep the temperature warm and your rice will be well cooked within no time. It will also ensure that you haven’t overcooked the dish. For such usage, you have to activate the function in order to enjoy using it to the fullest. Make sure that you buy a product that offers this advantage. 

5. Prices:

Prices play a very important role in your buying decision. If you can afford a good feature-loaded model, this can help you spend more. Although it is not necessary that a costly machine is worth buying. Sometimes, even affordable cookers do the same job as the expensive ones. In such an instance, you have to ensure that you know what your budget is. This can help you decide within the price range of different products and then make a decision. Commercial rice cookers are usually expensive as they have the ability to serve a large number of people together. So, if you really want to purchase. Make sure all the following categories are fulfilled well by the cooker, if yes then go for it. 

6. Brand

The commercial rice cooker comes in different price ranges, along with different brand types as well. This means there are a variety of options to choose from, when you go for online shopping, in fact, even offline shopping can land you in buying the most prestigious product. You have to choose a product from a good brand, this can make you have a warranty-oriented product. A good brand means trustable, reliable and one that you can think of for working for a longer time with you. It can be a one-time investment that you make while purchasing it, so choose wisely.  One great option to consider is a Zojirushi rice cooker that can certainly meet your needs. If you want to have a Korean rice cooker, you can get more information for it by reading our article, How Do I Use a Korean Rice Cooker?

These are the 6 factors that you have to check without fail before landing up with a commercial rice cooker for your needs. Don’t forget to check on the price, because only that seems to be an important factor for your buying decision.

Additional Suggestions

  • Korean rice cookers, like Zojirushi rice cookers, are very popular today because of their uniqueness in preparing rice.
  • Korean rice cookers are designed to cook rice perfectly and within a short time.
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