Tips to detect water leakage


Detecting in an open area is an easy task, but West Los Angeles leak detection in a hidden area is a slightly difficult and major problem. It is best to identify the league and savior home from father water damage. Early detection of the water leak will save money and potential disaster. Here are a few tips that will help you to identify any leaks and a sign to contact plumbing services for water leakage.

Water meter

A water meter is one of the best ways to find out if there is any leakage. If you feel that your water meter is showing unusual changes, then you can do this simple trick. First of all, shut down the dishwasher, washing machine, and any source of water you use for some time. After that, observe the change in meters. If it is a fast-moving leak then the meter will start moving fast, but if the leak is not as well it will take time. You can wait for at least 2 hours to be sure. Leakage can be anywhere, even underground. It is your responsibility to fix all the leaking pipes at your house.

Bill monitoring

Monitoring your water bill is an effective way to check for any kind of leakage. If your usual water requirement or habits haven’t changed, but the bill is consistently rising, then leakage is the root cause. According to standard guidelines, around 12,000 gallons of water are required for a family of 4 per month. It is a rough maximum estimate, but if you require more than this amount, it’s time to check your plumbing system.

Food color technique

Toilet can cause around 30% of leakage. The reason behind this is the use of such a large amount of water which can cause leakage. You can check the toilet by removing the lid and listening closely to any hissing sound. This sound will indicate leakage. You can add food color to the tank, and if the color of water in the bowel changes after some time it means that it is broken and causing leakage. You will need to monitor this for your 50 gallons of water heater.

Check outside

Leakage can occur either in the exterior or interior. You should check the outside of your home. Sometimes your garden, especially the creepers, allows the water to be swept. Spigots of garden hose cause water capillary action to the walls. You should get your irrigation system checked once a year by a professional. Even a small leak wastes 6300 gallons of water per month.


Water leakage looks like a small issue, but deep down, it requires proper consideration and checking to prevent any leak. Water leakage not only damages your structural integrity of the house but also your health. It is important to run yearly tests to suspect any leak in your plumbing system or outside irrigation system. It helps to make your home vigilant for many years. A little care will save you from big damage.

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