Tips to clean your kitchen like a pro


How to clean the kitchen, namely: the facades of furniture, tiles, blinds, not to mention the hood above the stove. But this is the main room of the family, the most visited by all its members. Continuous cooking. But how to do without it?

Today, many recipes are offered on the Internet, and any products have become available. I want to try a lot to cook for the family. And fatty dishes during cooking must spray small drops of fat over the dishes in all directions, which sit not only on the hood, but also on any surface of the kitchen. Then the settled fat is covered with dust and firmly sticks to this surface in the form of a solid gray-red coating. And if there is no time or desire to wipe all surfaces every time after cooking, then it will be much more difficult to deal with old fat.

How to clean the kitchen?

There are many ways that can deal with cleaning furniture and items in the kitchen from fat. Some housewives prefer chemical household products; others use only folk methods. Consider both.

Chemistry at home

The progress of mankind has allowed us to create many highly active chemicals that cope with pollution. Mistresses who want to get rid of fat deposits very quickly, even to the detriment of the environment, choose them. Of course, for example, specific products are sold that can clean ceramic tiles, remove grease from the oven, wash laminate flooring and much more. Manufacturers tried to consider the type of dirt and the type of surface on which grease or dirt settled. Why not use them?

Popular means are Cillit Bang, Amway, Mr. Muscle. Some people prefer MasterKliner, believing that it is it that carefully and quickly copes with dirt and old fat.

It is enough to moisten the apron of the working wall above the countertop or other surfaces contaminated with grease, with any appropriate means, then wash with water and wipe with a dry cloth, as the surface acquires a pristine beautiful appearance. For especially old soiling, the operation should simply be repeated with a short shutter speed.

  • A few tips when using chemical household products:
  • Wear protective rubber gloves, as surfactants in their composition can corrode the skin;
  • Open the window to ensure a minimum concentration of the product in the air;
  • Follow the instructions on the bottle that describes how to use the product;
  • Do not clean in the presence of children or pets.
  • We clean using folk remedies

Chemicals may not be suitable for some residents, causing an allergic reaction. And some housewives either do not have sufficient funds or knowledge, or basically do not want to use chemistry. But since time immemorial, people have somehow managed without modern chemistry. We will also try, because human experience has gained a lot of methods to combat fat.


The oldest excellent remedy is fat-soluble mustard. To remove dirt and grease, it is necessary to moisten the surface, for example, a countertop, sprinkle with mustard powder, wipe it in circular motions with a sponge, then remove the dissolved dirt with a dry cloth and wash with clean water. This method is not suitable for wooden surfaces. Applicable to those exteriors that have a protective film.

Soap with Soda

A very common method, easily accessible. But it is not suitable for all surfaces, as glossy or wooden soda may slightly scratch. And then in the future, dirt will even more eat into scratches and spoil the appearance. The cleaning technology is as follows:

  • On a fine grater to plan household (72%) or baby soap.
  • Add warm water, dissolve the soap, stirring occasionally. This can be done faster with a mixer, blender or even a whisk.
  • Apply the resulting foam to the surface with a sponge.
  • Immediately wipe the wet surface with a washcloth, which should be dipped in baking soda.
  • Wash with water, dry with a napkin.

Soap dissolves dirt and grease, and soda acts as an abrasive substance that removes dirty particles of plaque.

Vegetable oil and soda

This compound is also suitable for cleaning wooden surfaces. Vegetable oil, dissolving fat, creates a protective film and, moreover, can polish small scratches on furniture. We clean in this way:

  • Create a mixture: 1-part vegetable oil and 1-part soda, mix thoroughly
  • Apply this composition to the surface with a sponge.
  • Hold for about 15 minutes, letting the oil loosen the fat base
  • We remove dirt lumps with a napkin
  • Wash the surface with clean water.

With sufficiently strong contaminations, repeat the procedure


Vinegar is suitable for cleaning countertops, ceramics, and other dirty kitchen surfaces. You can make different solutions with it:

  • Vinegar plus alcohol (vodka). Take them in equal parts, add 2 parts of water and a little (for the smell) of your favorite essential oil, pour into a bottle and spray with a spray bottle, soak for 20 minutes, wash with water.
  • Vinegar plus clay. Add vinegar to the clay until it becomes a mushy state, wipe off the dirt, wait a little and rinse, as always, with a sponge with clean water
  • Apple cider vinegar plus water. Also a valid remedy, but for fresh pollution.

The baking powder for the test has the following composition: soda, citric acid and starch. Typical cleaning technology, i.e. make foam by adding water, rub, wait, rinse with water. Citric acid – corrodes dirt, soda – pulls together lumps of fat, starch – acts as a preservative of the product.

Citric acid acts like vinegar. We prepare the solution as follows: 15 grams of acid are dissolved in a liter of water. Spray what needs to be cleaned, wait a bit, wipe it with a damp, and then a dry cloth.

Ammonia – e ffektivny way to fight fat. Only 1 tbsp. spoon per liter of water, a short five-minute exposure after wetting the grease, and the result is obvious. Just be sure to do the work in a ventilated area.

Soda and hydrogen peroxide. Small greasy areas are easily removed by gruel from soda with the addition of hydrogen peroxide. But you have to wait more than 30 minutes. Then wipe with a napkin and rinse with water.

Par. Using a steam generator, but quite powerful, you can easily dissolve the fat by sending a nozzle on it, then wiping it with a damp cloth or cloth, then dry.

Melanil sponge. Modern technology has allowed the formation of fibers, something like an eraser, which, as it were, wrap around particles of fat and pull them out of place due to their strength and flexibility. You can easily wash the sink, countertop, cabinet doors, appliances, refrigerator and almost everything in the kitchen. Nuances of working with a melanil sponge:

  • Moisten with water, gently squeezing, trying to deform it as little as possible.
  • Gently rub the surface, preventing the sponge from drying out, as it crumbles a lot, periodically substituting it under water and brushing off dirt.
  • Discard the broken-off part of the sponge, or rub it with small areas of dirt (stove handles, cabinet handles, etc.).

You should not worry about melamine, specifically about the harmful substance, since it is harmful only when ingested.


It should be remembered that:

  • Wood, paint and varnish do not tolerate abrasives and steam.
  • peroxide, ammonia can damage the color of furniture, so they must first be tested in an inconspicuous place.
  • stainless steel and aluminum do not tolerate vinegar, peroxide and ammonia.
  • wash marble with soap, granite with a liquid detergent.

But in order to avoid irritation and discouragement about cleaning grease and dirt in the kitchen, surfaces should be cleaned and putting all the rash in the compactor in a timely and regular manner is very crucial. if you’re looking for some good quality trash compactor, then see some of them below.

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