Tips on Shopping the Best Naples Homes for Sale


Being cautious when shopping for a house is expected. After all, purchasing a home is a considerable investment, and you’d want to ensure you’re making the best decision.

If you intend to move to Naples or you wish to sell your current house and move to another side of town, you’ll want to find the best homes at a reasonable price.

Finding the best homes for sale in Naples, FL, can be challenging unless you know the local real estate market. That’s why I suggest hiring a real estate agent.

With the realtor’s knowledge and based on your needs, you’ll have several options to choose to boot.

Purchasing a residential home is one of the significant decisions you can make in life. As such, it requires you to put all the efforts that you can to ensure you get it right.

Many people make mistakes when buying houses, which might become a problem in the long run.

The following tips will help you get the best Naples homes for sale. But do you know what can make home-buying faster and easier for you? Hire Maggie Ives Naples realtor, to help you find the best deals.

Check Out the Neighbourhood

Before paying for a house, make out time to check around the neighborhood to be sure it suits your preference. You can walk around on foot to get a lay of the land.

Visit the pubs and parks at different times of the day. Check whether drug dealers and street prostitutes lurk around at night. Are the walls covered in graffiti?

You might want to take these concerns seriously, especially if you intend to raise kids in the neighborhood.

Also, check the property you want to buy. Are neighbors noisy? Is there an upcoming proposal to change the area for the worse or good?

Check the Prices of Similar Sold Houses

Before, only agents and the seller knew the prices of houses in a neighborhood. But now, you can effortlessly check the price for free through several channels.

There are several tools to use depending on the information you wish to glean from there. For instance, Zoopla helps you see the price of houses anywhere, anytime. However, you can search for properties available with their prices attached at local real estate websites for that city.

For instance, if you wish to buy a home in Naples, you can see the complete listing of available houses on the Maggie Ives Realty of Naples website.

Hire a Local Estate Agent

Some houses are usually sold before appearing online, so you might want to hire a local real estate agent so they can notify you immediately your dream house is available.

Also, tell them the type of house you need and your budget. Ask for their opinion on how realistic your wish is and how long it may take to get that kind of property to buy.

Your agent may help you negotiate when necessary and do the essential house hunting legwork to notify you once something good becomes available.

Prepare your Finances

While you might get a loan that’s two to three times your gross income, ensure to create a budget to determine how much to spend each month on housing comfortably.

Don’t wait until you’ve gotten a property and made an offer before checking your financing. It’d be best to gather your financial records and get a prequalification letter from a lender to know how much you’re qualified to borrow.

Presenting an offer dependent on financing will make your bid unattractive to sellers. You need to already have a plan on the ground.

Set a Moving Timeline

Do you have problems with your credit record that you might need time to clear up? Have you already sold your current home, if you have one? If not, you’ll need to consider the time required to sell or sort out your finances.

If you’re a tenant, when will your lease be up? All these factors might likely affect your buying and moving timelines.

Think Long Term

When buying Naples homes for sale, think long-term. However, ensure you choose a home based on your priority wish. That way, you’ll stay in love with the house for many years to come.

Nevertheless, if you don’t intend to nest, consider a starter house. You can move up in a few years to something better.

With a starter, you’ve got to adjust your expectations.

Be Realistic in Your House Choice

While it’s fine to be picky about the neighborhood and house you want, it’d be nice not to be unrealistic, close-minded, and blinded by minor imperfections.

You might miss out on great properties on secluded and quiet streets while insisting on living in a cul-de-sac. However, we don’t encourage you to get blown away by a “wow” feature that you forget about other details, such as noise levels which can negatively impact your quality of life.

Consider using your priority list to assess each property. Remember, there’s nothing like a perfect house.

Bid According to Property Value

Always base your opening bid on two things: what you think is the property’s worth and what you can afford. However, ensure your opening bid is reasonable and fair without offending the seller.

Consider checking the amount other homes in the neighborhood sold to help you know how much to bid.

Many sellers aren’t up-to-date in their property taxes. This valuable information you can get by visiting the county clerk’s office will help you negotiate a good deal when buying real estate in Naples, FL.


Buying a house is a big decision; however, it doesn’t have to be tough. While it’s natural for emotions to come into play when picking one, ensure that you’re making rational choices rather than fantasizing about a dream home.

One thing that might be beneficial to you, in the long run, is hiring a real estate agent. Thay way, you have time to focus on other things while the realtor handles the house hunting.

Shopping for Naples homes for sale is made more accessible when you hire Maggie Ives. With her years of experience and training, she can easily detect any issue with your preferred house ahead of time; thus, preventing you from making a mistake.

And the best part?

She works with your wishlist to get you your dream home at a “wow” price.

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