Tips on Organizing with Baskets


Using baskets to organize has numerous advantages over other types of containers, such as eliminating visual clutter, making things easier to locate, setting limits, and adding an aesthetic value to your place. So, if you have purchased baskets or were just planning to do so with the intent to use them for organizing, then the following organization tips are for you!

Here are tips on organizing the different areas of your home with baskets:


Decorate your entryway with baskets that can be easily slipped on an upper shelf or hidden under a bench. Provide storage for your shoes by putting large, firm baskets on your floor near the doorway. Put baskets for sorting items you don’t frequently use up on a high shelf.


Open shelves are there to ensure that your frequently used items are easily accessible. Put identical baskets side by side on a shelf to organize items such as TV remotes, reading materials, and other small items. Stash your extra blankets in a larger wicker basket on a lower shelf.

Catch-All Storage

Provide storage baskets for miscellaneous items that may potentially clutter up your living room. Books, games, movies, toys, throw blankets, TV equipment, and more can be stored inside woven baskets. Stash them underneath a console table, so they’re out of the way but also within reach when you need them.

For the Family

Assign your family member with a basket each and assign it as their personal storage basket. Buy spacious baskets that will hold everything your family needs when getting out the door during the mornings. Additional tip: Support businesses which offer handwoven crafts e.g.  buy Moroccan baskets for an elegant storage vessel.

Linen Closet

Organize a jammed linen closet with a combination of different storage baskets. Fabric bins or shallow wire baskets can hold miscellaneous items such as extra toiletries and candles. Use large, lidded wicker baskets for massive items such as bath towels, blankets, and sheets. Label each storage with tags.

Near Furniture

Have storage baskets next to seating instead of side tables. The perfect storage basket for your extra throw blankets within your reach when seating on the sofa is the large rattan types. Use smaller ones for the mail, books, and magazines.

Living Room

Use baskets to boost your living room storage along with the existing furniture. Tuck wicker baskets underneath the furniture or line them up on a shelf to stash your books and magazine collection. Place a floor lamp and a comfortable armchair nearby to create the perfect reading nook.

Media Storage

Get rid of your coffee table clutter using a media basket organizer. Look for a simple, stylish box-type basket to store everything in one place so you’ll never forget where to locate the remote or your other media equipment.


Conceal your bathroom essentials such as toilet paper, hand towels, extra bath products, and more in fabric or woven storage baskets. Choose different sizes by the types of items you’ll be storing in them. Put a separate storage basket containing lotions, fragrant soaps, and other items used to freshen up that you can pull out easily for your guests.

Cleaning Supplies

Laundry rooms and bathrooms usually require a lot of storage. Use a couple of wire storage baskets to hold items such as brushes, sponges, soap, and other cleaning products. Store your supplies in pretty baskets and hide them inside a closet or cabinet. Be sure to choose ones that aren’t damageable by water and chemicals.


Baskets can help organize your kitchen supplies and pantry staples. Put a basket with handles on your pantry shelf to easily access its contents. Add a label on each basket or the shelf itself so you’ll be able to see the contents in one glance.

Kitchen Counter

Place a shallow storage basket on the countertop of your kitchen to store spices and cooking oils. Line the bottom of it with a metal sheet so you can clean up any crumbs or spills easily. Store it near the range to easily access your frequently used ingredients while cooking.

Fridge Storage

Ideal as smart space-savers in a packed fridge, plastic storage baskets can be used to arrange foods by type. Label each basket to keep check of the items inside your refrigerator.

Underbed Storage

Increase your bedroom storage by using large woven baskets. Pile your pillowcases, extra blankets, and sheets in lidded storage baskets that you can place underneath the bed. Prevent the baskets from snagging carpets or scratching the floor by adding furniture sliders to their bottom.

Closet Basket

Keep a neat organization of your closet by sorting your items into storage baskets. Place a couple of wire storage baskets containing folded clothing on shelves to prevent high stacks from tumbling down. Have separate baskets for each type of clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

For Extra Bedding

Instead of throwing your extra blankets and bed pillows down the floor every night, toss them in a wicker basket during bedtime to keep them clean and away from the floor. Place it by your bedside or at the foot of your bed, so it’s always close to you for convenience.

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