Tips on DIY Fixing and Repairing Your Durham NC AC System

DIY house projects and repairs can be an exciting hobby and a great way to save some money. If you have at least some basic knowledge and tools, you won’t have to call technicians every time something goes wrong. DIY skills can also come in handy when it comes to repairing AC devices, but only in certain situations.

Find out at this link when it is safe to perform DIY air conditioner repairs and maintenance: 

Protect Yourself

Before you start doing anything on the AC device or cooling system, it is necessary to protect yourself and secure the workplace. The first and basic rule is to unplug the AC and turn the furnace breakers into the main electrical panel. Check whether the power is really off by using the voltage tester.

If you suspect fuse problems, check them before you turn the power off. You can easily replace blown fuses, but keep in mind that’s not a long-term solution. If the replacement fuse also blows, the problem is somewhere inside the system, and you need an expert to detect and solve it.

Next, protection involves wearing safety gloves, goggles, and rubber footwear. Keep in mind that any operation with the power can be dangerous, even when it’s off. Ensure that kids and pets don’t run around while you’re working.


Have you ever tried troubleshooting an air conditioner? It’s not a situation where you have to guess what happened. You need at least a basic knowledge of AC devices and electronics. If you don’t have a clue of what to do, that can be a dangerous task. In that case, just leave it to the professionals.

Properly diagnosing the problem can save you a lot of trouble. Sometimes you just need to know where to look. If you run into a dirty filter or a clogged drain, this is usually the cause of the problem. Also, you should check the thermostat settings, breakers, as well as outdoor units.

You can replace the filter, clean the drains, and adjust the thermostat yourself. In most cases, this will solve your problem with the AC device. Anything more complicated than that requires professional handling, so don’t hesitate to call a professional AC repairer to solve more complex faults.

Be Careful with Refrigerant

You must understand that most air conditioners, regardless of size and type, use some refrigerant sources. When this gas leaks or is recharged improperly, that can cause problems with cooling. To fix this problem, experts from Alternative Aire of Durham suggest calling professionals. 

Before you do this, you could ensure that the coils on the AC unit are clean. That will ease the contractor’s job. You can’t help them with this task, but you can ensure they use only quality parts to prevent further Freon leakage.

Repairing Outdoor Unit

If problems occur on the condensing unit, air from the AC unit will not be able to escape. Then the system usually overheats, and the cooling effect is absent. Also, icing may occur, which will also block airflow.

You can solve any problem of physical nature by simple removal. That applies to dirt, branches, leaves, or dead animals. You could use a garden hose to flush buildups from the lid and coils. But do this only if you can access the unit from the ground. 

When checking to see if something is stuck in the outdoor section, be sure to turn off the power. Clean the inside of the unit and the fan. If there is a problem with the compressor, call AC technicians to solve it. On this link, find handy tips on hiring these experts.

Ice formed due to poor airflow can be easily removed by turning on the fan setting and letting it blow warm air for a few hours. During this time, the thermostat must be switched off. Clean vents and filters before setting the AC unit to ‘cool’ again.

You should only use the tips that are meant for the model of AC device you have. Some people are not aware of the potential hazards of doing AC repair on their own. It’s essential to use the right tools, and learn the proper steps in troubleshooting, so you can assess problem-solving. If you can’t fix the unit quickly, you should entrust that task to professionals.