Tips on Being Careful While Playing Bingo

Although hall-based bingo is rapidly declining in the UK with bingo halls being closed frequently, this British pastime is far from exiting the scene. In fact, the online bingo is growing in popularity in leaps and bounds and it is considered to be the fastest growing of all online games. While playing bingo online can be exciting and convenient, it is critical to take some precautions, as should be the case with any other online activity or game.

Here are some tips on how to be careful and remain safe while playing bingo, especially online:

Check out the online bingo sites

First things first, do a quick online search for some reliable and independent reviews of the online bingo site you are intending to play on and spend your cash. Learn what players feel about the site and some other things that could be of use to you.

Avoid spending or submitting details on a low-rated site

Some of the things that you will read about an individual bingo site when you check the online reviews include the variety of games available on the sites, people who are frequent users of the site, and most importantly, your probabilities of winning. Though these details are quite useful to you, it is vital to pick out any hints about the site not being trustworthy. Lack of any reviews about a site should also be a red flag that it could be unreliable or unsafe. You need to be sure that you select the best bingo site to spend your money on, and one that it is trustworthy to avoid incidents of fraudulent use of the card details that you submit.

Carry your own safety check

All of the online and offline gambling sites in the UK have to have a physical location to be licensed. Websites are also subjected to certain checks by the government while being licensed, so be on the lookout to make sure that the site hold such licenses.

Verify the site’s security

To be sure of your safety, all of the websites to which you provide your details should encrypt them using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) so that other people cannot infiltrate the data. Avoid submitting your information, especially bank details, if you are not certain that the page has this security feature. You can find out if a site has this protection by checking the website address bar when entering the data. Make sure that it has a padlock logo and has turned green.

Understand the terms and conditions

While signing up, you will be required to accept the term and conditions of the site. You must make sure to know the rules on how and when to get your winnings and what they intend to do with your data, for example sharing it with another party, selling it, and so on. All of these will help you know what risks you are taking. Also, check the site’s reviews as it is most likely that any unfriendly thing hidden in the terms and conditions will be featured in the reviews.

Look for help with managing spending

Gambling is addictive and bingo is not an exception. If you feel that you may need some help with spending, look for the help section as most of these sites have some guidelines and features to assist you with handling your spending. All bingo sites should also be linked with and make contributions to ‘GambleAware.’ GambleAware provides guidance and relevant information on how to halt gambling before it escalates into a bigger problem or becomes an addiction. Most sites have a feature to help set the maximum spending limit before playing, and the limit is normally not easy to change until a specific duration passes. This safeguards players from overspending due to their emotions running high as they play.


You must ensure that you are safe when playing online bingo to avoid playing on a fraudulent site whose goal is capture your data and abuse it. You also have to be careful to minimize the likelihood of overspending and getting into financial crisis. You can use the features available on the sites to control your spending or seek help from other parties.