Tips on Avoiding Roofing Scams


The majority of roofing repairs are usually urgent, especially when caused by a storm. As a homeowner, it could be the first time that you’re searching for a roofing contractor. The roof is one of the most important structures in a home. It will protect the inhabitants from the elements. You don’t want to fall on the hands of scammers just because of the urgency of the roof repair. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the most popular roofing scams and how you can avoid them.

Unnecessary Repairs

With this kind of scam, the roofing company will try and create additional work for themselves by claiming to fix something that isn’t broken. It could be impossible to avoid such a scam when dealing with a shady company. That is why you should be looking for A&E Westchester Roofers that will only charge you for unnecessary repairs.

Inadequate Repairs

This one can be hard to spot since you’ll not be on the roof. The effects could be felt after a short while and there will be no other option but to call the roofing company to provide a fix. One of the reasons why such a scam is hard to spot is because the majority of roofing structures will consist of multiple layers. A good scammer will ensure that the outer layer looks good and is visible from a distance. Inadequate repairs could lead to more serious damages and you may not have any other option but a complete haul of the roofing structure.

Door Knockers

There are scammers who will go knocking on doors trying to convince you that there is a problem with the roofing structure. Such roofers are usually called storm chasers and are likely to appear after a major storm. It will be a big mistake to let them inspect your roof because they’ll most likely find an issue with the roof even when there isn’t one in the first place.

Creepy Quote

There is nothing wrong with reaching out to multiple contractors in order to get an estimate of the roofing service. You should be wary of a roofing contractor whose rate is way off the market standard. There is a high chance that the contractor could be inexperienced or there could be hidden charges which you only get to find out when it is too late.

Cash Payments

You should never agree to lump sums and cash payments. There is no reputable roofing company that will demand that you pay for everything upfront when the work has not yet started. A good company will only ask for a marginal fee as an upfront payment because they know that the trust is mutual. They will also not insist on making the payments in cash unless you prefer to do so.

License and Insurance

There are some roofing contractors that will try and convince you that a license is not necessary for the job. You should steer clear from such contractors as they could be having something to hide. When you do your research, you might find that they’ve had their license revoked. The majority of roofing companies don’t survive past their first year. You don’t want to get a contractor that will disappear in thin air when the work is incomplete. Make sure to verify their credentials. In addition to the license, they should also have the right insurance as anything could happen in the job.

Contract Holes

There are roofing companies that will not want to be honest about the contract details. If you establish a pattern of inconsistencies with the contract, it will be time to look for another provider. The contractor is likely to be pushy and will not give you time to go through the contract because of the fear of being exposed for what they truly are. There are contractors that could be willing to go to the extent of changing the contract details once the job is complete so that they’re not held accountable for the final output.

Get a Trusted Roofing Company

The only way you can avoid roofing scams is by getting a trusted roofing company. Such a company will have a reputation to maintain and wouldn’t want to engage in shady business just to make quick money. Make sure to find out the number of years that the roofing company has been operational. It will also help if you can reach out to the references provided just to be on the safe side.

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