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The beautiful tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and other parts of the house are nice to look at. However, one of the downsides is the grout. Yes, grouts are very helpful in keeping the tiles together and in place, but since they are porous and light-colored, they are quite prone to stains and water damage. When the grout is fresh, it looks beautiful. But if it is not properly maintained, it can become stained, mildewed, and can even form cracks. When it starts to crack and fall, water will seep behind the tiles, causing more damage.

To prevent major damage from happening, keeping the grouts clean and maintained is very important. Almost all homeowners have to deal with grout in some form or another. It can be on the backsplash in their kitchen, on the countertops in the bathroom, or on the floor of the hallway. In fact, they are all over the home.

If you are wondering how you can effectively keep the grouts in your home fresh, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you the best tips for keeping grout clean. And visit the link to contact a trusted company providing professional grout cleaning service.

What is Grout?

Grout is the filler found between tiles, which is usually porous and has a rough, sandpaper-like texture. It is made by mixing cement, water, colorant, and sometimes sand. It is used to reinforce the bond between tiles while filling in gaps.

Clean Grout by Scrubbing

There are different and special techniques when it comes to keeping grout clean and in good condition. Also, keep in mind that they can be damaged easily. Therefore, your cleaning technique should not wear away the grout or the surrounding tiles.

Before you clean the grout, you need to prepare the surface first by removing all loose dirt and grime. You can start by sweeping the surface first to remove dirt and dust, or dry mop the area or wipe it using a microfiber cloth. After that, you can wipe down the surface with a sponge and hot water to collect the remaining dirt on the surface. Then, remove any pools of water on the surface of the tile using a dry rag. It does not need to be completely dry.

Once you’ve cleaned the surface, rinsed it off, and dried it, the next step is to apply the grout cleaner. If you are using a commercially available product, make sure that you follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions.

When scrubbing grout, make sure that you wear gloves and eye protection, especially if the cleaning product is acidic. After applying the grout cleaner, you can leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes before scrubbing. When you scrub, do it in a circular motion, and use a gentle scrub brush to scrub along the grout lines. An old soft-bristle toothbrush can also work.

Different Cleaning Solutions for Grout

Traditional cleaning methods are sometimes harsh and can damage grouts. To ensure that your cleaning products are suitable to clean grouts, it’s better to start with the mildest products first before using strong ones as needed. You can also apply it to hidden areas first, such as those under furniture and appliances, if you are in doubt.

You can find many cleaning products that are safe to use on grout and can be easily bought in stores and even online. Here are some of them:

  • OxiClean: This product is usually used as an additive to laundry detergent, but you can also use it to clean hard surfaces, including grout. Just fill the product to line four on the measuring device and mix it with a gallon of water. Using a sponge, apply it to the surface and leave it for about 10 minutes. After that, scrub the surface and rinse with water.
  • Goo Gone Grout: This is a cleaning product that is made, especially for cleaning grouts. Before applying it to your floors, make sure that you read the instructions first. Apply it to the grout and let it sit for up to 3 minutes. After that, use a soft brush to scrub the grout clean, then rinse thoroughly. You can also reapply if needed.
  • Zep Grout Cleaner: This one is an acidic grout cleaner. When using it, make sure that you wear gloves and read the instructions first. Apply it to the grout and leave it on for up to 3 minutes. Then, scrub it using a soft brush and rinse thoroughly. If you’re not satisfied, you can reapply if needed.
  • Home Armor: This is a bleached-based cleaning product that can clean grouts without scrubbing. All you need to do is apply some of it to the grout and wait for the recommended period of time. After that, rinse it and see the grout become cleaned. It is perfect for those who are unable to do scrubbing due to limited physical ability.
  • TECH Grout Cleaner: This grout cleaner is biodegradable and odorless. All you need to do is spray it to the grout, scrub it down, and then mop it away.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

If you do not want to waste money trying out different products, or if you do not have much time to spend on cleaning grouts, then you can opt for professional cleaning services. Most cleaning services out there guarantee their work, making it ideal for some people.

Finding a good professional cleaning service to clean grouts has a lot of advantages. One of those is that they know the effective ways to clean grout without damaging it. They are also more efficient, and they have the products and tools that will get grout the cleanest. However, these options are only for those who have extra budget to spend.  To understand more about cleaning your tile’s grout, check out

How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Grouts

bathroom wall tiles

After knowing the different ways to clean grouts, it is also important to know how to keep them clean and maintained. Keep in mind that they are very porous and can easily absorb moisture and dirt from the environment. Therefore, as a homeowner, you need to be diligent in keeping your grouts looking their best and from harboring germs, too. Here are some of the ways to keep grout clean:

  • Keep Grout Dry: When the grout is often wet, mold and mildew will grow easily. You can prevent this by keeping the floor dry at all times. In the bathroom, you can run the vent after showering. Make sure to squeegee your shower walls, too. Regularly wash rugs and towels that touch tiled surfaces. Also, never put off fixing leaks.
  • Create a Maintenance Routine at Home: Keep in mind that your grout needs to be cleaned regularly, especially in high traffic areas. Sweep the floors daily, mop them weekly, and scrub grout regularly to keep it in good condition. You can scrub high-traffic areas once a month and low-traffic areas only once or twice a year.
  • Seal Grout: Sealing grout can close its pores and prevent it from absorbing dirt. It can be applied by a professional, or you can also do it yourself. Also, grout should be re-sealed periodically because it can only last for so long. When buying a sealant, make sure that it is designed specifically for the type of grout.
  • Remember What to Avoid: Even though grout is made from cement, it can still be delicate. Therefore, using the wrong tools or the wrong type of cleaner can ruin it. Some of the things that you need to avoid using are steel wool and metal brushes, sandpaper, vacuum with a beater bar, and colored cleaners, as these can all affect grout negatively.

These are some of the best tips we can give on how you can keep grout clean in your home. Maintaining grout takes time and, sometimes, experimentation. However, if you are not up to the task of maintaining it on a regular basis, then it’s better to choose grouts that are dark-colored, such as gray or black, which show far less dirt. We hope these tips will help you in maintaining your grout clean and looking fresh.

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