Tips for Hosting an Airbnb From Another Country


Every Airbnb host has different motivations for hosting. Some hosts use the service for passive income, some hosts like to meet new people, and others are proud to share their neighborhoods. Before creating your Airbnb listing, it’s important to understand your reasons for hosting and what you have to offer guests. The better your listing, the more bookings you’ll have, and the more guest reviews you’ll earn.

Write an accurate listing description

The first step to having a positive hosting experience is to write an accurate listing description. Highlight what makes your Airbnb special, such as the style, condition, or atmosphere. Be sure to mention any amenities or luxuries on your property such as free parking, on-site laundry, or proximity to public transportation. Always be clear if your home has pets and whether or not guests can bring theirs.

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Be flexible with check-in and check-out

It’s important to be flexible with your check-in and check-out times. Guests can’t control flight delays or traffic, and when coming from overseas, trying to make a firm check-in is stressful. Don’t limit yourself to hosting only seasoned guests with reviews. You can always chat with guests on the site before accepting a reservation. It’s a great personal touch to send your overseas guests an email the week leading up to their arrival. Provide basic information about your home, the neighborhood, where to eat and drink, attractions, and local amenities.

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Help guests acclimate

It’s a good idea to leave little notes with tips about how the different electronics in your home work, such as which light switches to use and which lights to leave on if necessary. Give your guests plenty of information about things to see and do in your area. Travel books, restaurant menus, discount coupons, and brochures are always a great idea to leave out. Provide detailed information about public transportation including pricing, timetables, and service areas.

Always be sensitive to guests’ needs when they first arrive. Some are happy to talk and be social, while others prefer a shower and a nap after a long journey.


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