Tips for Heater Maintenance


Winter is the time when you rely on your heating system than on any other day of the year. One sure would not like to get ice-freeze just because you forgot to take care of the system, before its usage days. it does not matter whether you have the skin of the north pole or enjoy cold, a good functional heating system is a must for every household.

So, before you are struck by the frigid temperature of the winter, contact Wrightway Comfort for all kinds of HVAC services and solutions. They are one of the most popular firms for all kinds of heater maintenance Cypress, TX. It is very important to take some precious time off your busy schedule and check whether your heater is working in its perfect condition. This way, you will save yourself getting hit hard by the winter temperature.

The following are few heater maintenance tips, that will assure your heater works perfectly all winter and also to the next winter year.

Visual Inspection

This is the first and most important step in the heater maintenance process. Make sure you give your heating system a visual inspection once a year. Inspect all wires and connections are secured and safe. There must be no signs of damage in the wiring of the system. It so happens that pests at times, chew the wirings, risking the system for damage and repairs. If you see any fault or damaged wired, contact the professionals at the earliest, as continuing to operate with a faulted wire can lead to hazardous situations.

Check the Pilot Light

This is the most obvious step as checking the pilot light signifies a good operating furnace system. If there is no pilot light, then the entire system will cripple. If you do not know how to inspect the pilot light, then check the manufacturer’s guide or contact the professionals for help.

Inspect the Ducts

Ensure your ducts are free from all kinds of obstructions, leaks, and damages. This will help in improving the efficiency of the system and keep you warm and comfortable. Repairs all the leaks and damages and give the duct a good vacuum cleaning. This will clean all the dirt and debris present in the ductwork, thereby improving the efficiency of the system. Adjust the dampers and clean the vents thoroughly. In the end, clean or replace the filter. Make sure to clean the filter at least once in 2-3 months for better and improved operation.

Look out for Noises

While cleaning, be alert, and check for any strange or unusual noises. If you are starting the heater after a long time, then an unusual noise is common for a few minutes, but if it prolongs and reaches a concerning level, then contact the professionals at the earliest. There may be any loose connections or screws that will need immediate fixings. If unusual noises are ignored, then it will lead to more complicated issues.

Ensure a Thorough Cleaning

Be patient in your cleaning process and wipe out all the dust and debris present in the system. Do not leave any place or spot unattended. You can also use a vacuum to give the system a thorough cleaning and it will also reach places that are a little hard to reach. Since the cleaning process is a little tiring and difficult, it is better to leave the job to the experts. They will make sure it is completely cleaned both in and out and also repair problems if found any. This is the reason, you must contact the professionals at least once a year for better and deep cleaning.

Do a Trail Run

Once you are done with all the cleaning and repairing work, do a trial run for at least 30 minutes. Check whether it is running in perfect condition and look out for any strange noise or smell. Once you are confident about the proper functioning of the system, then you are ready for beating the winter in your warm style.

If you want the best from your investment, then you will also have to take an effort and maintain it regularly. This is the only way, you can enjoy many years of comfort and happiness.

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