Tips for Decorating a Lake House


If you’ve dreamed of having your own lake house for years and are finally making that dream a reality, there’s much to consider.

To turn the property into the place you want to chill out in and host family and friends at happily, it’s vital to consider the interior design carefully. There are some specific tips worth keeping in mind when it comes to decorating a lake house.

Concentrate on Function Over Fashion

Even though you may have purchased your lake house due to how beautiful the area and home are and the oohs and ahs it made you exclaim, remember that you also need this space to be practical. When you decorate it, concentrate on function over fashion so you can make the best possible use of the property.

For example, avoid the mistake many people make of not catering to enough guests in their home. When you have a cool place right near a lake, you’re sure to have plenty of family members and friends putting up their hands to come and stay with you. As such, add as many beds to the home as possible. It helps to set up a bunk room with bunk beds, trundles, futons, etc., and add pull-out sofa beds in dens or living rooms for additional sleeping arrangements.

Other practicalities include adding plenty of storage closets, cupboards, drawers, bookcases, and the like for all the linen, games, books, sporting equipment, and other pieces you’ll store at the house. Don’t forget bedside tables, mirrors, outdoor showers, ethernet and internet services, and other necessary amenities and details to ensure everything is as well set up as possible.

Focus on Views

If you’re lucky, a big part of what you love about your lake house is its view of the water. When this is the case, it’s crucial to maximize this vista. Take advantage of the situation by framing the view with appropriate draping and setting up seating that looks out on the view.

It helps to have spots where you can curl up in a chair, on a sofa, or on a window seat to read a book or magazine and stare outside at the water nearby. When it comes to the living room in your lake house, also be wary of arranging the furniture to revolve around the television. Instead, focus your décor on highlighting the view.

Bring the Outdoors In

With a lake house being situated close to nature, it pays to think about ways you can bring the outdoors in at your abode. Set up four-season rooms that will work all year round, such as transitional spaces like sunrooms, porches, and patios. These extra living areas give you more room to get the R&R you crave while also constantly reminding you of where you live and all the benefits of being near a lake.

Incorporate modern ceiling fans on the roof of external rooms to help you deal with heat in summer and utilize portable gas heaters or a fire pit, or other options to stay warmer in winter. In turn, you’ll get much more use out of all the areas of your lake house, not just the internal ones.

Stick with a Light, Bright, White Palette

Pick Durable Furniture and Fixtures and Fittings

To create a welcoming, fresh, sophisticated, and homely vibe for your lake house, consider sticking to a color palette that’s light, bright and contains plenty of white. A neutral scheme like this allows the pretty views you have to shine rather than drawing the eye with something dramatic in terms of paint colors, carpet, tiles, etc. You can bring in nice pops of color with area rugs, drapes, pillows, and other accessories, though.

Pick Durable Furniture and Fixtures and Fittings

Another tip to keep in mind is that you want your lake house to be as easy to clean and maintain as possible. You don’t want to have to keep replacing furniture or fixtures and fittings as time goes on. This means it’s vital to select pieces for the home that will be durable. Opt for things that won’t be affected too much by saltwater coming in open windows and buy couches and other seating that won’t get ruined by people sitting on them in wet swimsuits.

If you plan to bring your pets to the home often or allow visitors to bring their dogs, you also need to keep such guests in mind when making décor choices. Homes with more tile or linoleum or floorboards and the like are significantly easier to clean and maintain than those with carpet in every room. The more pet-friendly decisions you can make, the better.

Other areas of focus when decorating your lake house include getting the lighting right and working with the home’s architecture for a streamlined, cohesive look. You may like to bring a rustic feel to the space, too. Take your time selecting and styling items for your property to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible.


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