Tips for Cleaning Your New House Before Moving In

While moving into your new house is exciting, there’s a lot to do before converting the empty house into a home. Before hiring professional movers, like Osmon Moving and Storage, and planning your house arrangements, you should start by deep cleaning. Even if the preceding tenant cleaned it before moving out, cleaning it before moving in removes dirt and grime hiding in hidden and obvious places that went unnoticed.

While move-in cleaning might not be a priority compared to other moving processes, ensuring your house is spotless significantly improves the comfort of your home. Below are move-in cleaning tips for each room to consider.

Where Should You Start?

Apart from finding the right cleaning agents, you should have a cleaning plan in place. For all the rooms mentioned below, you should start with high areas, such as the ceiling and light fixtures, before the walls and the floor. You should be thorough in every step if you want to enjoy your new house.


You should begin your move-in cleaning from the bathrooms. Besides being a personal space, bathrooms were probably still used during the move-out, and you will require them when moving in. Be on the lookout for stains on sinks, toilets, and showers. Effective cleaning agents, such as baking soda and vinegar, can remove these stains. Use disinfectant cleaners like bleach or vinegar to clean the toilet.


The kitchen space is also important when moving in, especially if you have children who need something to eat even before settling down in your new home. You should also clean the kitchen to remove odors and other contaminants that can spoil your food. Start with the refrigerator if the apartment has one. Proceed to the sinks, cabinets, countertops, and other appliances in the kitchen.

Hallways, Living rooms, and Bedrooms

Cleaning the hallways, living room, and bedroom is easier. However, you should focus on specific spots that can hide dirt and grime. You should be mindful of the nature of the surface when choosing cleaning agents and methods. For instance, while glossy paints can take on good scrubbing, flat paint needs a gentle touch. Wallpapers should only be wiped gently with a damp cloth.


Move-in cleaning is probably the best time for professional floor cleaning, as there are no furniture and other obstacles. While you can DIY floor cleaning, the results aren’t comparable to hiring professional floor cleaners. Carpets can hide a lot of dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria that can impede the comfort of your home. Working with professional cleaners can guarantee quality results.

Don’t Forget the Smaller Spots

Most new homeowners focus on the common areas, often forgetting other important spots. You should tackle the following spots before moving in:

  • Windows – Vacuum clean window sills and tracks to remove dust, dirt, and cobwebs.
  • Doors – Apply an all-purpose spray on a cloth to clean the door surface and handles.
  • Light switches and electrical outlets – Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove germs from light switches and electric outlets.


Most new homeowners prioritize remodeling and interior designing to make their new houses a home. While they are effective, you shouldn’t ignore the importance of starting with deep cleaning. Proper cleaning before bringing your belongings clears dirt and old energy from the space, making it ready for new experiences.