Tips For Buying a Dining Table For Your Home


Choosing a dining table for your home can be a challenging prospect. It might have been years since you last bought one and there are an overwhelming number of choices. Your first instinct will be to go online to search for information. You’re likely to be bombarded with countless reviews. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the important considerations you should have in mind so that you’re selecting the right dining table for your home.

Measure the Space

Before you can go out shopping, you need to measure the space available. This might seem to be an obvious consideration but there are people who will be operating on assumptions rather than the reality on the ground. Buying a dining table involves a lot more compared to when looking at demilune table options because there are space considerations to worry about. Will the table be large enough to fit in the kitchen? How often do you entertain and what is the size of your family? Such are the questions you should ask yourself when measuring the space that is available for the dining table.

Right Height

You need to take into consideration the people who will be sitting at the dining table. If you have small children, you might have to look for a dining table with a lower height. If you only have teenagers and adults in the home, you might consider going for tall tables.


For wood tables, experts recommend going for mahogany and walnut. As much as engineered woods are durable, they will not be as strong as natural wood. One consideration to keep in mind is that tables that have removal legs are usually made of fiberboard materials.

Table Shape

This is a consideration that is often overlooked yet it is just as important. The type of shape you go for will be purely up to you. There are some rules that will need to be followed when determining the shape of the table. If it is a small room, it is recommended that you go with an oval shape for the table. Square shapes work for dining spaces that are narrow. If you have a large family, round tables will accommodate most people.

Outdoor Materials

This will be a consideration if you’re looking to take the dining experience outside. Since it is outdoors, you will need to look for weather-resistant materials. The most common material used for outdoor furniture is teak. This is because it is not only durable but will develop a beautiful patina over time when it is exposed to the elements.

Number of Chairs

This will entirely be informed by the number of members in a household. There are dining tables that will come together with chairs so as to maximize on space. Do you have a growing family? Are you an empty nester? The number of people you get in your kitchen will inform you of the dining table needs. This will also include the number of chairs that you should have in the space. There are people who will feel uneasy when there are no extra chairs in case there are visitors.

Use Leaves

There is the option of getting leaves in order to make the table bigger. You will only take them out as a last resort. If you don’t entertain a lot, you might find that you don’t use the leaves at all. When shopping, make sure to look for a table with leaves functionality so that it can be folded or expanded on a need-basis.

Don’t Discount Glass

Although wood is the number one choice for material, glass can be just as effective in terms of function and aesthetics. One of the main advantages of glass is that it can work with multiple décor themes. Since it has reflective characteristics, it will be an excellent choice for a small room to make it look bigger and brighter.

Impressing Guests

If you’re looking to go out and splurge, marble will be a good choice for a contemporary dining table. It is fashionable and has a timeless appeal. It should be noted that marble tables are heavy and bulky. The table should be clean and clear at all times to avoid stains.

If you’re always on the move, look for a table that is easy to transport. You might have to sacrifice on the size as a result. Don’t discount metal tables too as you might find rare pieces when you’re out shopping.


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