Thinking of Getting a New Roof? 5 Signs Your Roof Is Beyond Repair

Are you looking to invest in a new roof?

After all, the roof of a house is its first defense against the elements, so if it starts causing issues, it’s best remedied immediately. That being said, you don’t want to waste money on unnecessary repairs when what you need is a replacement.

In this article, let us take you through five signs that indicate it might be time to update your roof.

1. Frequent Roof Leaks

Poor weather conditions, such as heavy rain and wind can easily damage an old roof. As a result, the water seeps in and causes the particles of your aging roof to separate. It can often lead to more frequent and significant leaks.

If the leaks become too frequent, then it’s time to look into replacing your roof.

2. Shingles Are Missing or Curling Up

Shingles are the material that makes up your roof, designed to protect the structure underneath. When shingles are missing or curling up, this is a sign that the adhesive is failing, making the protection of the structure ineffective.

This is a sign that your roof is beyond repair and needs replacement before more damage can happen. If you notice this issue, contact a reputable roof contractor to inspect it further, and click here for a replacement.

3. Significant Dark or Black Stains

It is important to consider how long the stains have been visible and how widespread they are. If the stains have been there for some time and have grown larger, it is likely time for a new roof.

Consequential moisture damage from dark or black stains can lead to mold or mildew growth and cause structural damage.

If your ceiling appears to be darker than normal, this is more significant than the dark or black stains allowed to fester, and the roof is beyond repair.

4. Evidence of a Nesting Animal

If piles of nesting material are located on the roof, that’s an incredibly strong indicator that the roofing structure is beyond repair.

A roof should be strong, and any rotting wood or weak spots easily spotted by animals. If there are piles of nesting material on the roof, that’s a huge sign of a rotting roof.

5. Large Sections of Visible Sunken Roof

If a roof leak is exposed to heavy winds, the rafters and sheathing beneath the shingles can rot, causing the roof to sink. This sunken roof signals that the roof is already compromised and should also be addressed.

If a home or business has large sections of visible sunken roofs, it is a sign to start thinking of getting a roof replacement. This is to protect the property better now and in the future.

Learn About Getting a New Roof Today

The signs to look out for that could say that your roof is beyond repair are quite varied, such as water damage, age, curling shingles, daylight coming through, and moss growth.

If any of these sound familiar, you should consider getting a new roof as soon as possible.

To find the perfect roofing contractor for you and your home. When replacing a roof, take the time to research and compare local prices today!

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