Things to Know and Ask Before Finding Locksmith Near Me

When it comes to security, lock, and key, it behooves any business owner to find the most trusted local commercial locksmith they can find. But yes, we hear you. It’s not that easy! A lot of scam companies are roaming the market finding the best vulnerable business to rob their money off, so you have the responsibility to examine, research, and inquire about your chosen locksmith. It might be tedious, but it will ultimately save your entire business. So visit Locksmith Cary NC.

Not setting up enough security for your establishment is the worst mistake you can make. In this report, 9% of small businesses are found to have suffered from burglary and theft. What’s worse is business owners spend around $8,800, a very high price to pay for a small business. What they were lacking was enough security in their establishment and properties, something consulting a commercial locksmith can remedy so easily.

What Are The Different Types of Locksmiths?

There are several professionals in this business, their expertise also differs depending on what kind of property or client they’re giving their service to. Some focus on one type, while some are versatile and offer all of these types.

  1. Commercial

These professionals specialize in businesses or any properties with public access. This means they’re in charge of accessibility of rooms to staff, and the security of each one. This group of people also install CCTVs around a business to make sure everything is being monitored, and no incidents occur, like workplace theft.

Other than that, CCTV has other uses, like for brick-and-mortar stores, it monitors what customers look like when entering the building, so if any untoward events happen, their faces are caught on tape and it’ll be easier to track them down.

Other services a commercial locksmith may give is a master key system, alarm system, and access control. These are all necessary for a business owner to have. With these, you can control which rooms need to be locked from any staff, which can be accessed by a chosen few, and which can be accessed by everyone. This will ensure organized workflow and minimize the leaking of information.

  1. Automotive

This group of people specializes in your car locks and doors. Did you break your key accidentally? Not a problem, these guys can make you a new one! Your RKS malfunctioned and you don’t know why? They can take a quick look and fix it if there’s any need.


Perhaps the most common thing they’re called for is lockouts. With the proper tools and their skills, they can unlock your door if ever you locked yourself out of it. You don’t have to fret about your car’s state afterward, too. Just quickly visit Gulfside Locksmith or similar sites and you’ll know that these agents know what they’re doing, and can work around the technicalities to make sure your car door won’t get any scratches or dents whilst they work.

  1. Residential

If ever you will have trouble with your security system at home, these guys are the ones to call asap. They’ll be able to assess your property and make recommendations for whatever your house needs. They also provide CCTV and security alarm systems at your disposal. They can also make sure to remake your locks to fit a single, customizable key, which will help in ensuring the safety of your home and family.

What Do These Locksmiths Do?

  1. Save You From A Lockout

May it is your home, your car, or your businesses, being locked out is a panic-worthy moment. In the heat of the moment, you might even think to destroy your door or tinker with it yourself. We’ll want you right now, do not do it! Not only will you potentially break the lock (and woe to car locksmiths), you’ll also be giving extra work for your hired professional. If you’re racing against time, don’t think twice to let a locksmith who knows what to do handle this. Read more here about the other situations wherein you really need help from professional locksmiths.

  1. Key Copies

Did you lose your keys? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all lost some at one point. That’s what a locksmith is for: making sure all your keys fit into their locks. They can easily re-tinker the springs and pins inside the lock to fit a new key and make you a bunch of spares.

This is also ideal when you move into a new home. Re-keying every lock must be done for security purposes. This will ensure no one, not even the previous owner, will have access to the home you have now.

  1. Install Security systems

As we discussed before, locksmiths can provide CCTV as well as alarm systems to your car, business, or home. This is to add a layer of security to your property which was otherwise vulnerable before.


  1. Provide Master keys

Though it may not apply to automotive, this is mostly used for both commercial and residential locksmiths. With a master key, you can open any door in your house or business, giving you full accessibility to anything inside. This means it can be useful during emergencies that need doors opening ASAP.

  1. Safes

A safe is often used by offices to store important papers or a family that wants to safe-keep any precious valuables. Whether it be a new lock or repair, a locksmith can help you with that. Also, by hiring one, you can make sure the quality is durable and high-end.

Questions to Ask Your Locksmith


  1. What Are Your Credentials?

You should always verify if the locksmith has a license. There are a handful of states allowing locksmiths to have a license, so at least ask for their business credentials if you happen to be in a state that’s not on the list.

You should ask if they offer insurance. This insurance should have general liability, which requires the locksmith to be liable for any damage done to the property while they did their service. Hiring one without such is a risk you shouldn’t take. It will only cause a greater headache for you in the future.

If the company they’re working for is a reputable one, having insurance for their workers is also a plus. It covers any injury they have sustained whilst on the job as well as their general welfare.

  1. How Much Is Your Experience?

A locksmith is required to work quickly and safely, at the same time making sure there are no damages to the property they are working on. One without much experience won’t be able to pull this off. Face it, nobody wants a wet-behind-the-ears newbie to handle their locks, especially in their car.

Ask how long he’s been working, and how many cars he’s handled. If he’s been with his company for a long time, it only means the company has been treating them well. Take this as a sign that a company that takes care of its workers, takes care of itself.

  1. How Do You Screen Your Employees?

Unless they’re a one-man army, you’d want to know who you’re working with. Knowing how they screen their employees also almost assures you good service on their part. If they’re screen haphazardly or with no care at all, it also implies you’re putting your car, your home, or your business in the hands of strangers.

Having a background check isn’t necessarily bad, but it will surely help you as a consumer with your security problem. Other than that, asking for training in the company will also show you they are having extra benefits on top of being treated well. A happy employee is a willing worker.

  1. Can I Get An Estimate?

This is one way to see which one’s the cheapest but beware. The cheapest one might be offering the most low-quality work you’ve ever seen. Sometimes, even in other industries, it’s always you-get-what-you-pay-for kind of world. Thus, settling on the middle ground, or what you think is a reasonable price to pay is always the best choice.

Indeed, there are some cases where additional problems are revealed and additional payments are needed. A reputable and legit company, however, will at least be able to give you an estimate of their fee. A company that dodges the question and then decides on the price in the middle of the negotiation is a big red flag to avoid.

  1. Do You Have A Warranty

To prove they can be trusted, companies must provide a warranty to their clients, simple as that. Sometimes, they give warranties but don’t keep it, so be wary of that as well. No matter how great the work is, however, it can’t always be perfect.

  1. When Are You Available?

The most important question to answer is perhaps their availability. A company that can’t be there 24/7 can’t keep their clients long. Some get locked in the middle of the night, some lose their keys in the middle of the day. You can’t exactly pinpoint which exact time you’ll need their help, which makes it all the more difficult if they have opening and closing time. Choose a company that has a 24-hour service, if possible.