Things to Know about Pre-Sale Preparation and Property Styling with Experts

Imagine driving to your dream home in a fantastic neighbourhood, stepping out of the car, and walking up the steps only to find that the front door doesn’t fit with the design of the rest of the house.

The hardwood floors are scuffed, the roof leaks over the top floor, and the driveway can’t fit more than one car. You wouldn’t buy this house, so why would anyone else?

The reality is that when a house is not in its best shape, it has a lower chance of being sold at a reasonable rate. According to Five Star Management Company, staging your home in the right way can increase its selling price by as much as ten per cent.

It is essential to time the marketing correctly. For that, you can take help from professionals like Novari Collective, who can guide you through the process and offer tips and expertise to make it easier.

Here are some factors to consider for preparing your property before you plan to sell it.

The Two Things Every Seller Should Know Before Hiring a Stager

Staging is a process, not a product. Staging is ultimately about creating an atmosphere or mood rather than giving your house or condo specific furnishings.

What to Do?

  • Ensure to work with a stager, like Novari Collective, who understands your vision for selling your property and can translate that into a set of spaces you’ll be proud to have others see.
  • Ask other sellers you know for recommendations on local staging experts, then interview them at length to find someone whose style will mesh well with yours.

Pre-Sale Preparation Checklist

When you’re ready to sell your home before it goes on the market, a quick list can be a massive help in making sure you’ve got everything together. So, when you’re selling a home that hasn’t been listed yet, you have everything necessary to give buyers confidence in your property.

  • Hire a good real estate marketing company.
  • Choose the best realtor to market your property.
  • Use professional photographs.
  • Have a good ‘Listing Agent’.
  • Showcase all of its best characteristics.

Hiring the Right Stager Is Crucial

A well-staged home gets more foot traffic, so if you’re trying to sell fast, hiring a good stager such as Novari Collective may be just what you need. However, picking a stager isn’t easy. Many tend to overpromise and underdeliver, at least in part because many homeowners don’t know exactly what they want or expect from their stage design.

Be sure to interview several firms before deciding on oneideally those recommended by friends or trusted sources. And be sure that each provides detailed proposals that include cost breakdowns and references from satisfied clients.

How Much Does Property Styling Cost?

The cost of property styling varies dramatically between designers. If you’re looking to sell your home easily and quickly, make sure you factor in property styling fees. How much does property styling cost? If you want to hire a professional stager who comes out to your house, that can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,500, but it’s worth the cost.

And, of course, that fee covers both initial consultation time and time spent executing any changes made during that consultation. It’s essential to shop around so that you’re working with an expert in their field but still affordable.

Summing Up

It is obvious to miscalculate how much you’ll spend on preparing your home for sale. Not only do you have to think about moving out and cleaning, but you also have insurance to cover your precious belongings and pay for any minor repairs that need doing. If you can save up any funds before listing your property for sale, it will leave you more leeway if costs do end up higher than expected.