Things To Know About A Good Plumbing Company


While looking for a plumbing company to sort out your problem, there are several important qualities it has to portray to stand out from competitors. This article will go into details of the things to know about a good plumbing company.


Before you choose a plumbing company, ensure their plumbers have been trained. Their plumbers should have certifications that show they have passed all exams in their craft and are qualified to practice plumbing repair services. While most plumbing companies may claim to be professionally trained, they cannot produce the certificates to show for this accomplishment.

Operating License

Similar to certification, a good plumbing company requires a valid license to operate. While some states do not mandate plumbers to have operating licenses, a professional company should have one. This shows that they are legal and guarantees that you are not about to be scammed by an imposter.


Like any other operating business, having an insurance cover protects the business and its clients as well. Plumbing might be risky in case undetected errors are left unattended. It can lead to fire breakouts, water losses, uncontrollable sewerage systems, among others. If a plumbing company can produce an insurance certificate, you should consider hiring them; you will be covered if anything goes wrong.


A good plumbing company must guarantee their work and the parts they use for repairs or installations in any project they undertake. Most companies’ warranties go for up to a year. If a company does not guarantee their work, then you should not expect them to do quality work.

An Extensive Website

The internet provides businesses with tools that help them to get known from anywhere in the world. A plumbing company that utilizes a website to display their information and the services they provide most likely takes their craft seriously. While looking for a good plumbing company’s website, we recommend you to check the following;

  • About Us Page – This is where you will find more information about the company, including its founder, the period in which they have been in practice, their team, their mission and vision, and their values. This information is necessary as it allows you to figure out more about how the business operates internally.
  • Services Page – This is where all their expertise is displayed. You will get to see which problems they deal with allowing you to be sure they handle the type of problem you are facing.
  • Testimonials page – This is the page where all customer reviews and testimonials are displayed. A good plumbing company must have many good reviews from real clients. This gives you confidence and enables you to trust them for your project.

Additionally, a good plumbing company must have a Google My Business listing which requires Google to mail in a confirmation code to their address to prove they are operational. Most importantly, this functionality allows clients to rate the services offered by the specific company allowing you to see all the unbiased reviews to help you make your hiring decision.

Written Estimates

A plumbing company that provides a written quotation after an extensive analysis of your problem is a good one. Unfortunately, many companies use gimmicks to get into the door and later on overcharge you for a mediocre job.

A written estimate will include; the work to be done, cost of parts to be used, the time the project will take, the cost of the project, and the means of payment. This should be written in an official company’s document, signed and stamped to ensure it can be retrieved whenever needed.

Good Customer Service

A good plumbing company should not only invest in their plumbing expertise but their customer service as well. You will easily differentiate between a serious company and a mediocre one through how they treat their customers or potential clients. Having a good customer care culture will set a company miles ahead of the competition.

There are many other qualities that a good insurance company must possess to establish itself as the best in its craft. A plumbing company that not only takes plumbing as a skill set but also as a passion to solve plumbing problems and improve the lives of their clients will be successful.


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