Things To Do After Getting Hit By A Drunk Driver

Many accidents are reported in every state due to drunk drivers. They don’t have control of the wheel and because of their impairment, often hit others including drivers and pedestrians. If you have been injured in an accident due to a drunk driver, you should know your legal rights so that you can take the right steps at the right time. Moreover, you should contact a Monroe DUI defense lawyer, who can handle these cases. It is a crime in every state to drink and drive. Therefore, we all must follow traffic laws and maintain peace on the road.

Facts of a drunken driving case 

If you have been hit by a drunk driver and received injuries, you need to keep in mind the below-mentioned facts:

  • You have the legal right to sue a drunk driver, who caused the accident. He will have to pay for all losses such as medical bills, income loss, pain and suffering, and other losses.
  • Dui is a crime in every state. Therefore, strict penalties and charges will be imposed on the driver.
  • You can file a claim with the insurance company and even file a lawsuit against the drunken driver. Your attorney will be able to assist you in this case.
  • An experienced car accident lawyer can guide you on whether to file a claim or a lawsuit depending on the facts of the case.

What to do after being hit in a car crash?

If a car has hit you because the driver was drunk, you must do the following:

Call the police

It is important to call the police right after the accident. The case can be registered against the drunk driver and the officials will take stern action. The police can perform tests to find out the level of alcohol in a driver.

Call the ambulance

It is suggested to call the ambulance so that you can get medical attention on an urgent basis. in case, you have a passenger with you, he or she must be taken for the checkup as well.

Exchange the contact details 

If you have been injured, you might need to file a claim. To do so, it is suggested to have the contact details of witnesses, the driver and others present at the accident scene.

A car accident attorney should be hired, who has relevant experience and expertise in dealing with DUI cases.