Things to Consider Before Before buying Air Purifiers


Do you think you are safe inside the home? It might be the opposite. No one understands this better than a patient with allergies or asthma.

So, how do you add a few more years to your life by keeping your lungs healthy?

Though you don’t have the power to control the pollution of the whole world, you can control the pollution of your house with an air purifier. It is a fan that draws out polluted air from a room with the help of a filter. But, to get the best output, you need to purchase a perfect air purifier.

There are a few simple things to consider before buying air purifiers. So, read the following section of the article carefully.

Basic things to consider before buying purifiers

The air purifier is not a toy, it requires calculation and precision before buying. Otherwise, it will become a burden for you. Remember, top rated air purifiers may cost you slightly higher but it will serve longer. So, let’s discuss the things that you must consider before having one.

First thing, who is your enemy?

If you have an allergy problem, your main enemy is pollen, dust, and small flying particle that you can’t see. Even in the case of asthma patients, the pelage of a pet animal can cause a dangerous situation. If you are a sufferer of COPD, smoke-free air is important for you. The same kind of air purifier filter will not work for your unseen enemies. That’s why “like dogs like hammers” needed.

Choose your weapon according to your enemy

The main weapon of your air purifier is the filter. You can’t compromise with it. You need to know what kind of particles you want to filter. If you do not have a problem with specific particles, the best filter is HEPA. It also purifies 99.96% particles up to 0.3-micron size.

If you want to remove odor with dirt, then Carbon coated filter is suitable for you. However, they cannot eliminate bacteria. The master of this work is the antibacterial coated filter.

Avoid buying ionized filters that are UV based. It will create Ozon.

Replacement of filter 

The carbon-coated filter is to be replaced after 6 months. On the other hand, HEPA(High-efficiency particulate air) will keep you safe for 1 year. Since it has to be replaced, you should ensure its availability later. However, you can get information about it on the official page of the manufacturer.

If you have chosen the right filter, then it is your turn to determine the right size. A little calculation is necessary in this regard.

Let’s do a little calculation

As such, you need to know the measurement of your room. If it is 200 square feet, then take a small size air purifier. Is your room a little bigger? Then take a medium size air purifier, in which you can cover up to 700 square feet. If that doesn’t work, then there are large size air purifiers also.

Before verifying your air purifier, CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) measurement is essential. The more the CADR value, it will purify more efficiently per minute. In the case of different particles, CADR value differs.

However, this thing is not so light that it can be used in any room whenever desired. In that case, you have to choose an air purifier with portable features.

Let’s keep your room noise-free

The bigger air purifiers have some issues like noise. When the air purifier fan runs at full speed, it produces more than 55 decibels of noise. If you don’t want to create a mess while sleeping, then try to choose a pick air purifier close to 33 decibels.

Modern technology

Hi-tech air purifiers have a quality indicator which informs you about air quality. The sensor will control the speed of the fan accordingly.

If you buy an air purifier with a Wi-Fi feature, you will get the control system at your fingertips. You can turn it on/ off with your mobile. This will help you control the electric bill too.

To conclude 

In the war against air pollution, an air purifier can be your best weapon. And, never forget the above-mentioned things to consider before buying air purifiers. Be sure to do your research on sites like as well for more help.  Enjoy every breath.

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