Things That Weaken the Immune System


The immune system is made of various proteins, cells, and organs that protect the body against microorganisms that could cause sicknesses, like viruses, bacteria, and germs. If it identifies these foreign microorganisms that are not a natural part of the system, it starts an attack to protect the body against sickness. Fever is one way the immune system fights against these invaders, as a hot temperature could eliminate microbes and start the body to repair itself. However, some things could compromise or weaken your immune system, including the ones listed below. 


Smoking could cause inflammation in different body parts, including those that belong to the immune system, thus causing it to weaken. It’s also bad for overall health and affects not just smokers but people who receive second-hand smoke. Tobacco contains toxic chemicals that could enter the body when inhaled through the smoke. It may lead to various illnesses, like cancer and respiratory diseases. So, stop smoking to prevent these health problems and strengthen your immune system. 

No exercise

Lack of exercise can also weaken the immune system due to improper blood circulation, which carries oxygen to different body parts. Insufficient oxygen could cause parts to malfunction, including the immune system. The immune cells may also not circulate in the body properly. Exercise regularly, but ensure to make it moderate. Long and rigorous exercise could weaken the immune system, especially without proper rest. 

Sleep deprivation

When you sleep, the cells regenerate, and the body repairs itself. So, lack of sleep may hinder this process, thus stopping the immune cells from regenerating. Since your immune system weakens, you are more susceptible to sickness. Other effects of sleep deprivation are dizziness, lack of focus, and irritability. Get enough sleep to avoid these conditions and prevent compromising your immune system. Turning your bedroom into a place that is conducive to sleep may help. Clean the room, and ensure the bed and pillows are comfortable. Set the thermostat to a temperature that is relaxing for you. The right temperature is a huge factor in getting proper sleep. So, keep your air conditioner in top shape to avoid any trouble affecting your sleep quality. An air conditioning Kent company provides maintenance services that ensure the efficiency of your AC if you live around Kent. Schedule regular maintenance at least once a year to keep it in top running condition. 


Drinking too much alcohol could slow down the system from fighting germs. If it continues for a long time, it will be hard for the body to heal itself. In addition, a weakened immune system and constant drinking may lead to various diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia and liver disease. So, limit alcohol consumption or best if you can stop. 

Unhealthy diet

Oils could affect white blood cells that help fight infection, thus compromising the immune system. So, avoid eating high-fat foods. In addition, not including fruits and vegetables in your diet may weaken the immune system, so load up with these food options.

Strengthen your immune system by adopting a healthy lifestyle. It will keep your health in optimum condition, thus preventing sickness. 

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