The Ultimate Jura Z8 Review


The Jura Z8 is widely regarded as one of the more professional, high quality coffee machines on the market. Users can create a huge range of delicious drinks using the Z8, and are able to benefit from a custom, high-tech display that is pretty futuristic for a coffee machine! These are some of the key points to know about taking care of the Jura Z8 and how you can make the most out of it. For more information, check out

Key features

Complete with ten level settings for milk temperature, and coffee strength, the Jura Z8 has a great range of combinations that are more achievable than ever before. In addition to this, there are three water temperature settings to choose from, which adds to the completely customizable experience that you can achieve with the Jura Z8. Regular Z8 users enjoy being able to choose from 32 drink options with the ease that comes with simply pressing a button.

Another stand out feature of this machine is the noiseless grinder that works constantly to achieve the highest quality of coffee grounds, which are fundamental to any great cup of coffee. The flavor achieved by the Jura Z8 really is unmatched, as the pulse extraction process allows users to completely customize their experience and add a personal touch to their morning coffee.

How it works

It can be hard to know what to prioritize if you are new to the world of coffee machines when setting up your Jura Z8. That is why you should carefully read the user manual before doing anything, and work carefully on following the step-by-step instructions. In addition to the included manual, you can find plenty of information videos online that cover setting up the machine, as well as showing you how to connect to the app, which can make it much easier to use and set up.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the Jura Z8 is made easy, with its cleaning reminder, and easy-to-follow on-screen instructions. After approximately 180 preparations or 80 switch-on rinses, the machine will tell you to activate a cleaning cycle. Once this has been pressed, it will ask you to empty the drip tray and coffee grounds container, and then put them back into the machine. After this, the machine will ask you to place a container under the dual spout and insert a Jura cleaning tablet. (Be sure to read the manual for information on recommended cleaning products for your machine, as using the wrong one could cause damage to the Z8).

The machine will then automatically begin a cleaning cycle, water will flow from the dual spouts and end shortly after. Once this is done, empty the drip tray and any more residue from the coffee grounds container, before placing them back into the Z8. And that’s it, the Z8 is now clean and ready to use again, the operation should take no longer than 20 minutes, so if purchased make sure you allow for enough time for it to clean. Unlike other manual-clean machines, this simple, highly automated system will save you a lot of time.

Modern technology

Being able to customize your drink has never been easier, thanks to the way that the Jura Z8 has integrated technology and automated processes. The internal settings will automatically adjust to create your chosen drink. Classed as a super-automatic espresso machine, the Z8 comes with plenty of features that bring it a step above other machines. The Z8 boasts a 4.3” intuitive touchscreen color display, making navigation and the selection of your preferred drink easy, The Z8 has 16 one-touch drinks to choose from if you are in a hurry.

In addition to this, the wireless features of the Z8 mean that if you have its accompanying J.O.E app, you can make drinks from your smartphone via Bluetooth. Another new feature is the pulse extraction process, which pushes cold water through the coffee grounds with high-pressure pulses, creating a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. You can use a system that double froths the milk separately, then combining with the espresso after, to make great lattes and cappuccinos.


It is worth mentioning that all of these features have a price, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of the Z8. It is considered a high-end, modern coffee machine that definitely stands out from the more affordable options. That is why the people who invest in the Jura Z8 are more than willing to pay higher amounts for the machine, as they are guaranteed to enjoy very high quality drinks for many years.

To summarize, there are a lot of modern developments that have made the Jura Z8 such an exciting piece of equipment that a lot of people want in their homes. The biggest drawback overall is the higher price tag that the Z8 has, but most people don’t mind spending a little more to achieve a very high quality cup of coffee with more options than most machines offer.


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