The ultimate bed guide: different types of beds to spruce up your bedroom

Sleep is an essential component in our lives and is as vital as a balanced diet and regular exercise. Poor sleep often makes one cranky and lacks energy. Over time, skimping on sleep can cause our health to deteriorate. Studies have shown that having quality sleep regularly can help improve all sorts of health issues from blood sugar, diabetes, obesity and the list goes on. The bedroom environment has a direct relation to the quality of sleep to be had and can also improve how you feel while you are awake.

When in the market for a good bed frame, the options are limitless. With the variety of materials and designs, you can mix and match to get the kind of bed frame that you desire. Good design furniture by Mohd has been a great resource for people looking for a bed frame to suit their bedroom space. Mohd has been known to display an array of furniture options that are yet and uniquely designed. People are drawn to these pieces for their timeless designs made of true quality and authenticity. For those looking for something flashy, old school, vintage or contemporary, Mohd has gone you covered. Below are 5 different types of beds to suit different styles and needs of various home designers. Meanwhile, click the next link if you are among those looking for the best double tv bed that can be purchased online.

Platform beds

Platform beds

A platform bed frame is the simplest of all and comprises a low-raised bed frame with a slatted wood surface. The mattress is placed directly on the wood surface without having to invest in additional support systems. Platform beds are an affordable option for people looking for sturdiness and come in different styles in headboards and footboards, storage drawers and upholstery.

Murphy beds

For those cramped in space, a Murphy bed might be an ideal solution. These beds provide a sleeping arrangement without sacrificing the living space. Murphy bed frames come equipped with a mechanism that allows them to fold into walls to create space when not in use. The pulley allows the bed to be pulled up and put back from the wall. The beds come in different styles, some with extra storage areas while others are designed as accent pieces.

Sleigh beds

Sleigh beds as the names suggest look like a sleigh. These beds are characterized by headboards and footboards which are curved and often made of heavy wood. Due to the heavy nature of the wood, they often produce an exquisite piece of furniture for the home. Sleigh bed frames are suitable for larger spaces with the bedroom having ample space and come in an array of sizes.

Canopy beds

Canopy beds are stylish statement bed frames that would make a perfect addition to a luxurious master bedroom. These beds come in two different styles; contemporary canopy beds which come with thin frames and fewer embellishments whereas the traditional canopies come in more decorative pieces. The former is great for a modern bedroom as it can easily fit with the overall decor of the room.

Divan beds

Divan beds are made of two parts; a divan base which is specially designed to come with an accompanying mattress. The bade has drawers built into them for storage that you may not be able to fit in your bedroom. The headboard of the bed is made of soft material that offers a resting sitting position before bedtime.