The transformative power of design in the post-Covid era

The past two and a half years have taught us to appreciate our home spaces more, those quiet and comfortable environments in which we used to spend only part of our days, and which during periods of lockdown suddenly turned into sad prisons from which we couldn’t wait to escape, thus returning to our freedom. The discomfort associated with having to stay at home during the darkest periods of the health emergency lasted only for a few weeks to a few months. 

When people then began to resign themselves to the idea of having to stay at home, the discomfort evolved into an unexpected form of interest and enthusiasm for everything about the house, its furnishings, the harmony between the different rooms and all the objects in it. 

It is no coincidence that one of the few sectors that has withstood the shocks of the pandemic over the past two and a half years has been precisely that of design and interior decoration, which has also been able to continuously renew and reinvent itself, offering people confined to their homes the opportunity to buy new furnishings, new furniture, new accessories for their homes, giving them a completely different look than they had before. 

The willingness to renovate 

This tendency to renovate one’s home environment is certainly one of the most interesting fruits of the pandemic period, along with the habit of working remotely and holding business meetings and gatherings while all employees are at home, in the comfort of their home spaces. The discomfort associated with being forced to stay in new homes is now only a distant memory. 

Even those who have now resumed leaving the house more often, and who unlike many others are forced to travel to the office for work, seem to have discovered a secret pleasure in returning home, in spending more time there than necessary, in lingering lazily in their living rooms or private rooms, savoring the full flavor of being once again in such a familiar and comfortable space. Along with this subtle pleasure, there has also grown a desire to make a makeover of one’s home, directly intervening in the structure of the various interior furnishing elements. 

This is a more or less direct response to the strong need to create comfortable environments, capable of instantly communicating a pleasant feeling of well-being and fulfillment, even if only sitting in a room while reading a book, or watching TV. 

The ideal environment 

The goal, for many, seems to be to create one’s own perfect universe within the walls of the home, including elements with unusual and unconventional forms, linked first and foremost to the universe of design and trending modern art, thus giving rise to innovative environments capable of stimulating thought and amplifying the perception of the senses, triggering feelings of well-being.

It is as if people, returning home, want to rediscover those bold and extraordinarily creative forms that characterize the appearance of some global metropolises, whose skylines are now largely marked by even the most brilliant creations of modern design and architecture. 

The structure of interior design also directly affects the activities we perform while at home, regardless of their nature. Reading a book or playing video games will not be the same as before if you try these recreational activities in an environment recently renovated by a fresh flurry of design. One will have the impression of being in a universe apart, in a magical dimension tailor-made for us, according to our tastes and aesthetic preferences. 

The pleasure associated with our entertainment, in such contexts, will thus be doubled, tripled, and will also be perceived as much more intense and fulfilling. 

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With a few small investments, even the most insignificant home can be transformed into an oasis of well-being and fun in which to let yourself go completely, without thinking about anything.