The Top 4 Reasons To Have An Extension On Your Home

Have you ever thought about extending your house? It is an option that many people choose to do, and it can be a fantastic choice for those looking to make their homes more functional. An addition can give you that extra space that can increase the value of your home. However, before making any decisions about extending your home, there are some things worth considering first. Here are four reasons why having an extension on your property may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

The Chance To Remain In Your Neighborhood

Leaving one’s neighbourhood for a bigger house somewhere can be challenging for many people who have become part of the neighbourhood and are accustomed to its amenities.  Instead of moving somewhere else, you might want to consider getting an extension. 

A house extension allows you to stay where your loved ones are close by knowing that when you move into a new neighbourhood, it can take years to get to know your neighbours. This is because you might not find the time or opportunity for it while juggling work and family commitments. What’s more, when you finally get to know your neighbours, some of them may likely move on to get comfortable elsewhere. So, that will enable you to keep up with modern living trends without moving from the neighbourhood you cherish. 

Have An Extension On Your Home Can Be A More Affordable Option

When you are looking for the perfect home to fit your family’s needs, often, that search can be limited by budget. With the housing market continuing to grow, it’s no surprise that starting from scratch with a new home may not be the best option, not forgetting the time commitment involved in selling your current house. 

For many families, building an extension onto their current property is the most affordable way to go. There are many benefits of adding to your existing property instead of moving or buying something new. You’ll have familiarity with the area and the convenience of being close to work or school. Moreover, the cost of extending a home is less than buying a property elsewhere due to the absence of legal costs, agents’ fees, marketing costs, and stamp duty. Additionally, they do not have any moving-related costs such as disconnection fees and movers charges. As a result, obtaining an extension for your home can be significantly cheaper.

House Extensions Can Add Value to Your Home

The decision of whether or not to extend your home can seem like an easy one. You can sell up and relocate, or you can extend your current property. But what are the financial implications of each decision? First, choosing to extend overselling will save you money by avoiding the costs associated with relocating, such as stamp duty, removalist fees, building inspections, and renovations. Second, when you do eventually decide to sell again down the track, it is likely that any extension added onto your existing property will add more value. When deciding whether to move house versus extending it, it’s usually wiser to stay where you are and extend your property.

You Get to Keep Everything You Love About Your Home & Upgrade Everything You Don’t

Renovating your home is a great way to keep the features you love and upgrade those not working. For example, if you have an old kitchen with outdated appliances or tired flooring, renovating will allow you to update these features without having to find them in another property.  This will keep your home looking fresh and new while adding a touch of luxury that you can enjoy every day.

In addition to renovating certain features in your home, an extension is a perfect chance to add those extras that may have been lacking from the beginning. It could be that extra gym space that you have been longing for!

Adding an extension to your home is a great way to stay in the place you love. Extensions can be more affordable than buying and selling. They allow you to keep everything that means something to you, and extensions can add value when looking at the resale potential! If you’re considering the type of extension that would best suit your family’s needs and you are wondering whether it should be a bedroom on the second floor or a bathroom? What about an office or gym area? With so many options available, it’s prudent to contact a home extensions and additions contractor who can help determine which one will work best for you!