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The timber industry plays a vital role in the global economy. It provides raw materials for various products, from paper to furniture and construction materials. In construction, wood has been a key contributor to quality building materials. This includes perfect wood buildings to unique interior and exterior finishes. One popular application of timber in construction is cladding for homes and buildings.

Cladding is the process of building up layers of one substance on top of another. The new layer provides insulation, noise reduction, and improved aesthetics while shielding a building from the harsh effects of wind and rain.

Some of the most popular species for cladding include Western red cedar, European larch, Siberian Larch, European oak, Alaskan Yellow, and Douglas fir. They are naturally resistant to insects, cost-effective, moisture- and decay-resistant, and durable. However, species like spruce, fir, and pine must be treated before being used for cladding. There is also cladding treated by high temperature.

Poplar cladding is a popular choice for home construction. It is an attractive appearance, durability, and ease of installation. Poplar is a fast-growing hardwood tree. It is commonly used in the timber industry for its versatility and relatively low cost. Poplar wood cladding can be stained or painted to match various architectural styles and color schemes.

Are you looking for a perfect home with finishing? Ducerf is a leading supplier of high-quality timber products. The company creates high-temperature-treated oak, ash, and poplar wood cladding.

  • Ash is a darker species with a beige-brown color. It is a highly noticeable grain that is particularly good at catching the light. Installing ash cladding on the building’s outer walls will give a modern and natural appearance.
  • The THT poplar wood cladding is strong and lightweight. This product is a species that has had a 100% natural high-temperature treatment (THT) to make it more durable. THT also improves dimensional stability and insect resistance.
  • Poplar produces a warm, modern chocolate color when heated to a high temperature. That eventually develop into a natural patina in uniform shades of grey.

Using poplar wood cladding in home construction provides an attractive, durable exterior finish and supports sustainable forestry practices.

The company offers technical and aesthetically pleasing solutions. There is a wide range of products to meet the demands of everyone. They specialize in the first and second transformation of various hardwood species, mostly oak timber.

Also Ducerf provides raw wood for the joinery, carpentry, parquetry industries, and more. The treated wood products are well known for their use in interior and external fixtures. The company has committed to sustainable forest management practices. This is to ensure the timber they supply is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Timber is a renewable resource that can be continuously replenished through responsible forest management, making it a more environmentally friendly choice than other building materials.

Overall, the timber industry, and companies prioritizing sustainable forestry practices, play an important role in providing high-quality timber products for home construction, including the popular choice of poplar cladding.

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