The Three Best Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room


Your living room is one of the most important spaces when you think about your home’s interior design. It’s often one of the most frequently used areas in the house. However, it usually has diverse purposes so it can be tough to keep functional while creating the look that you want to achieve.

There are some great ideas to design a space you love that makes sense for your lifestyle. Some are major projects that will transform your space. Others are small changes that will elevate your decor. Either way, they allow you to put your own stamp on your living room and create an area that you love to be in.

According to experts from a leading renovation company in Dubai, homeowners should indulge in home projects from time to time. Not only does it help in improving your home’s aesthetics, it also helps in increasing its valuation. For many, the way your home looks is interpreted as an extension of an individual’s personality.

Create a Fireplace Focal Wall

A fireplace is an awesome addition to any space. Installing a unit as well as a chimney can take a significant amount of time and money. Luckily, technology has created a great option to eliminate this. Electric fireplaces are now more realistic and as affordable as ever.

An electric fireplace unit can allow you to easily create a focal wall that’s both functional and stunning. There are a ton of different styles and options available on the market. So, no matter if you want contemporary, traditional, or some mix of the two, there’s a unit to fit your taste.

To create a custom, built-in look, surround your new fireplace with a material to simulate a chimney. Stacked stone or shiplap are great options for a classic look. Or, go with a tv stand fireplace for more space saving and modern design.

Adding a mantle allows you to display all of your favorite photos and accessories and adds interest to your focal wall. Play with the balance and the arrangement on your mantle until you find the right layout. Using items with various heights makes it more visually appealing. Add a vase of greenery or two for a welcoming touch of nature.

If you really want to make your focal wall stand out, flank your new fireplace with built-in shelves. You can have these custom-made and installed for your space. Or, for a budget-friendly option, measure the area and find ready-built shelves and mount them yourself. Either way, you’ll have a ton of useful living room storage that looks perfect for your space.

Mix Textiles for a Cozy Feel

One of the most important ways to create a cozy living room is to add textiles. This gives you a chance to customize your look and add patterns and color to your space. Plus, textiles are easier to change out than other design elements so you’ll be able to have some flexibility and keep things fresh.

If you have hard flooring, an area rug is perfect to create a warm vibe and center your furniture around. Look for one that is large enough for your main pieces to set on. You want to have at least a few inches of overage on the outside of your furniture layout. Look for colors and patterns that will complement your space and create the foundation of your decor.

Once you’ve selected a rug, you can begin to fill your space with other textiles. If your rug has a pop of blue or yellow, look for throw pillows that match. Or keep it neutral and toss throw pillows in grey and creams around your couch. Add a throw and you have the perfect snuggly space that is ready for comfy sitting.

Lovely Lighting to Create a Mood

One of the most challenging things about designing any space is selecting the lighting. This is especially tough in the living room where it needs to be ready for a wide range of activities. The trick is to fill your space with plenty of lighting options so it’s easy to create whatever mood you are looking for.

Overhead lighting is great for brightening a space. Look for lighting designed to flood your space with nice, even lighting. Ceiling fans with integrated lighting are awesome for living rooms as they can also help cool the space as well. Or have recessed LED lighting installed for a custom look that provides great functional light.

Sometimes you’ll want to curl up in the corner with a book or drink coffee with a friend. Strategically placing lamps around your living room gives you the chance to light certain areas without brightening the whole space. Adjustable or dimmable bulbs give you the ultimate flexibility.

Your living room might be the perfect place to watch a movie. Add a little mood lighting to take your cinematic experience to the next level. LED lights installed to backlit your TV can create a cool vibe. Strips of lights to illuminate shelves can show off your decor while adding to your custom feel.

Add Decor Elements to Personalize Your Space

Your home is your chance to express your personality. Using your living room to display your passions will make it one of a kind. Plan decor elements to reflect both your style and your family’s uniqueness.

Do you love to travel? A gallery travel wall can add personality and fun to your space. Look for a map to mark the places that you’ve been on your journeys. They surround it with photos of your adventures for the perfect conversation starter.

Maybe you have young children that create adorable artwork. Adding it to your space can give it a youthful charm. Look for frames in monochromatic tones like black or white and fill them with your kiddo’s one-of-a-kind pieces. You’ll create a pulled-together look while still showing off your budding little artists.

Styling a Living Room with Form and Function in Mind

A stylish living room full of form and function is entirely within reach. Look for ways to make your space your very own and design it for your family and its many uses. Be flexible, creative, and create a beautiful space that you love to spend time in!

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