The Step-By-Step Process of Commercial Painting


A fresh coat of paint can transform the look of a business. It can cover food spills in trash cans, hand prints in the break room, and more.

Most areas require a license to perform professional painting work, and each location has its rules.


Unlike residential painting, commercial painting is typically done on a much larger scale. This means that it requires more manpower and may even involve specialized equipment. As a result, the preparation phase is a crucial element of any successful commercial paint project.

This is because it involves ensuring that the work can be completed without disrupting business processes or compromising on safety regulations. Commercial painters have the experience and expertise to meet all these requirements.

The first step is to clear the painted areas of any furniture or other objects. This will make it easier for the painters to move around and reduce the risk of damage. Additionally, if the area is being painted internally, it is essential to clear away any stock or supplies on display so they don’t get in the way of the work.

Punctuality is an essential part of any professional job role, and it’s no different for commercial painters. They must be punctual to meet deadlines and quickly resolve any unforeseen issues. This also helps build customer trust, which can lead to repeat business.


The inspection phase of a commercial painting project is when a commercial painting company looks at the work to be done. They will inspect the interior or exterior of the building and provide a detailed painting cost estimate. They will also be sure that all surfaces to be painted are either prepared or covered. In most cases, furniture, countertops, or desks will be moved and protected with tarps. Outside, landscaping may be removed or covered up as well.

The type of paint used on the property is another factor affecting the price estimate. While residential painters typically use oil, water, or latex-based paints, commercial painting contractors will be more likely to utilize industrial or high-performance coatings resistant to moisture and harsh chemicals.

Since commercial painting is applied to spaces used by customers, contractors must ensure that the colors selected to suit a business’s branding and client needs. They should also be able to provide options for fast-drying paints that will minimize downtime while the job is being completed.


A commercial painting project requires more than just a paintbrush. It requires a team that can execute a neat and precise job to ensure an excellent final result.

Experienced commercial painters are more familiar with the materials and surfaces of industrial environments. They can handle various surface types including concrete, wood, marble, metal, and reinforced plastic. They also better understand the specific paint products required for each surface type.

As with any business, a commercial painting company needs a basic operating license. This varies by municipality but generally includes displaying a commercial operation license in the workplace and insurance coverage that complies with local regulations.

In contrast to residential painting, commercial projects require a greater focus on scheduling. The goal is to minimize business disruptions during work and provide customers with a clean, well-maintained space that enhances their brand perception. Punctuality is essential to a commercial painting company’s success, as it shows reliability and benefits positive working relationships. Maintaining a high level of communication with customers is also critical so they know their business may be interrupted while the work is underway. This ensures their safety and keeps them up-to-date with the progress of the painting project.

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