The Psychology Behind Kinks And Sexual Attraction


Sex is a natural part of life (literally), but it also happens to be enjoyable and awakens something primal within the human mind. Many people will have kinks, either hidden or overtly, making sex even more enjoyable. In fact, anyone who says that they don’t have a kink is either lying or so dull that you should probably avoid them anyway! But what is the psychology behind these kinks and sexual attraction to a broader extent? View here to learn more about adelaide fetish.

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What Kinds Of Kinks Exist?

There are too many different kinks to mention that can range from the mundane to more sinister varieties. Most people are content with satisfying their needs with sex toys for women like premium cock and animal dildos you can buy at Fortunately, there are many options open to those looking for more extreme forms of pleasure and who want to feel truly fulfilled. These can range from a fucking machine to sadomasochist gear designed to titillate the sense in ways that vanilla sex cannot. Some of the more common kinks include:

  • Virtual sex
  • Skype sex
  • Dom/Sub
  • Orgasm control
  • Bondage
  • Anal play
  • Age play
  • Foot fetish
  • Roleplay
  • Voyeurism
  • Sadism/Masochism

It is worth noting that some kinks on this list remain no matter what the zeitgeist is, while others come and go. For example, virtual sex is a relatively recent phenomenon, while anal play has been around since the dawn of time (check the kama sutra or various ancient items of pottery if you don’t believe it).

Why Do People Have Kinks?

Kink can be innate or acquired in two general ways:

  1. It is either it is innate, or it is realized later in life.
  2. Others are interested in exploring their sexuality later in life and acquiring specific tastes.

Sexual Attraction

Are Kinks And Fetishes The Same?

Although they appear similar to the untrained eye, subtle differences set these two things apart. A kink is a sexual act that someone enjoys doing with themselves or with their lovers. This is frequently seen as something outside of the norm of sexual activity. Essentially, a kink typically gives a sexual experience an extra erotic boost. On the other hand, a fetish is something that must be present in order for the person involved to get off. In other words, a kink adds flavor to sex, while a fetish is necessary for sexual gratification.  You may even want a penis pump

What About Sexual Attraction?

Sexual attraction is the thing that makes people want to come together and copulate. On a purely base level, it is the desire to procreate and spread your genes to continue the survival of the species. However, in modern terms, it has come to mean other things. For example, people who are sexually attracted to members of their own gender are not doing so to reproduce, which indicates something deeper going on. 

Hormones Play An Important Role

Hormones are a key component of the attraction process. Different hormones trigger love, hatred, anger, hunger, and desire. The science of how hormones can influence attraction is still not well-established. As part of your romantic life, certain chemicals in your brain make them feel attracted to certain people. Oxytocin is known as “the love hormone” because it promotes feelings of trust and closeness with your partner. 

The Scent You Excrete Is Also Important

In some instances, a person’s odor can be as important as their looks. Natural scents affect people by activating the senses of smell and memory. This sense is what makes them more attracted to each other. The human nose is a complex organ and emits approximately 350 different scents, each with a unique combination of over 100 different chemicals present in the air. When you are aroused, it can produce a panoply of hormonal responses that excrete out into the surrounding air. When you catch a whiff of these scents, it can trigger an intense reaction that can ultimately make you attracted to another person, even if only for a fleeting moment.

People Have Also Been Finding New Ways Of Getting Attracted To One Another

Ever since the first humans evolved into something more sophisticated than their hunter-gatherer forbearers, humans have found other more esoteric ways of becoming attracted to one another. For instance, people are drawn to intellectual people by a fascination with their minds, thoughts, or the stimulating conversation they offer. In addition, there is also an emotional attraction that results from feelings of attachment, vulnerability, or other forms of connection.

Kinks and sexual attraction are a natural part of human behavior. Sexual enjoyment comes in many flavors, from extreme to mild, but what unites everyone is that it cannot be denied.

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