The Pros And Cons Of Heat Pump Water Heaters


Have you been considering buying a heat pump water heater for your house? You might have noticed heat pump water heaters marketed as among the choices for your house regarding repairing or replacing your water heater.

Ever Since The 1940s

heat pumps have been in existence in some form or another. Although they started to be well known in the 1970s, many houses continue to use traditional heaters to heat water, both with an electrical or gasoline heater. That is why we produced this guide to help you make you conscious of heat pump water heaters.

What You Should Expect Out Of A Heat Pump Water Heater

Many homeowners do not recognize How important a great Water heater is and the cost. The typical household spends between USD 400 and USD 600 each year to take pleasure in warm showers and hot water. Standard water heaters tend to be notoriously ineffective, which is why this cost is so high. They could pay as much as 20 percent of your overall electricity bill. This’s among the primary reasons that more homeowners opt for energy-efficient devices, including heat pump water heaters.

It’s crucial to know how heat pump water heaters function before purchasing one. Heat pump heaters differ from standard water heaters as they don’t use gasoline or electricity to heat the water they’re used for. Instead, they take the heat out of the atmosphere and send it to the storage container where it’s kept. This’s precisely how refrigerators function, but heat pump water heaters reverse the process, while a fridge utilizes warm air to cool the device. They’re ideal for regions with warm climates, like Louisiana, since they draw heat out of the atmosphere.

The Cons And Pros

Heat Pump Water heaters Tend to be more Efficient Because they can get from the high temperature in the environment; these water heaters don’t have to exert effort to produce a brand new temperature. This heat may originate from any air source, even waste heat from a nearby furnace. Due to this, they’re extremely energy efficient compared with conventional versions, which means they can save you a few hundred dollars on energy costs annually. They are durable – a good, well-maintained heater can last between ten to 15 years. Get answers to your questions by checking out common water heater myths.

Conexpenses Can Add Up These Water Heaters Are Costly

and in case you’re on a tight budget, you might find they do not fit inside your budget almost as you think. The price ranges from approximately USD 2,100 to USD 3,300 initially, without including installation. Although these heaters can help you save cash annually via their low price tag, they are not inexpensive to buy immediately.  To get the best results, you can opt for gas-based heaters rather than the electric-based heaters.

Pro Heat Pump Water Heaters Are Incredibly Eco-Friendly

Since they do not produce heat. The device’s exterior temperature can also be workable, so households with pets or children will be much more comfortable making use of it.

Research has found that if all residential electric powered water heaters were replaced with heat pump water heaters, the power cost savings would leap to USD 12 billion annually, and 140 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions would be avoided annually. This’s comparable to the emissions of thirteen million automobiles, more than the whole population of Los Angeles.

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